Join The Lively Root Garden Club

By: Hannah McWhorter
July 13, 2021
Join The Lively Root Garden Club
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The Benefits of Joining the Lively Root Garden Club - Why it Will Help your Plant Addiction

We know what it is like to be a plant addict - every new space on a counter or shelf turns into a new home for a new green addition. As a fellow collector, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to add greenery to our spaces without breaking the bank. Propagating plants yourself at home can be rewarding and cheap, but takes a long time to get the results you want. Big box stores for plants help keep things low price, but often have low-quality sick plants that can spread fungus and bug infestations to your current collection! Yikes! You also never know what nursery or where the plant actually came from or how to take care of it. So while they may seem "cheaper" they aren't worth it when you constantly have to replace them and you end up spending more money in the long run. 



As we have cultivated Lively Root as a plant resource that we love, we have found many ways to keep our plants as affordable as possible while shipping them country-wide for everyone to enjoy, while creating eco friendly boxes so your plant babies don't get harmed when traveling far and wide. We aren't perfect though this is a live plant we're talking about, so we're always trying to find new ways to get your new plant baby to you safely. As well as creating cheaper more cost effective solutions for you! Now, we hope to take that a step further by introducing our Garden Club

We have created two tiers of memberships depending on your needs, first is our Standard Garden Club Membership, which is FREE and snags you $10 on your birthday, $10 bonuses when you make 3 purchases, a $5 bonus on your anniversary, and a point for every dollar spent! 100 points equals $10 off, meaning that as you just make your normal purchases you are working towards more plants later! Which is a WIN WIN - feed that plant addiction. 




For those that are as crazy about plants as us, we crafted the Cultivate Garden Club Membership tier! Those who invest $129 a year get that much money and more back in savings, including these benefits:

  • Free shipping on every order
  • An extra $10 off a month (that almost pays for the club alone!)
  • A free tote with your first order ($16 value)
  • 4x a year exclusive member sales
  • Early access and peeks into our new plants and promotions
  • 1.5 points for every dollar spent instead of 1
  • All of the bonuses from the standard tier ($10 birthday, $10 for every 3 purchases, $5 anniversary)

Our membership savings may sound too good to be true - we promise there are no strings attached. Your bonus money never expires, meaning that every year of the Cultivate membership includes your $10 birthday bonus and $5 anniversary bonus, plus your monthly bonus. Those savings alone equal $135, paying for the club all on their own! On top of those savings, all of your points and purchase bonuses and access to always-free shipping will help you save additional cash.

While we wanted to help find a way to save our biggest plant fans money, we also wanted to let them in on special member events such as the exclusive member sales. By joining the Cultivate Club, we will send you all of our new sales and plants before they hit the store so you can plan ahead with your savings. We are always excited about our new plants and promotions, and want to get you in on our behind-the-scenes planning! 

The Lively Root team is so excited to have this opportunity to help you expand your plant family through these club plans. We truly believe that adding green to our lives helps improve our health in more ways than one, including by supporting the health of our planet. By surrounding yourself with plants we hope you can feel as happy and whole as we do. Every new plant brings us so much joy, and we hope these opportunities help you add new plants to your growing collection too! 

We can’t wait to see you join our Garden Club family. Take a look at all of the benefits and join us today by checking out our new Garden Club page on our website!