Summer Bulbs Blowout

Get a burst of color and reblooming out of your summer bulbs with varieties like Elephant Ears, Cannas, Caladiums, and Amaryllis. Find out more here. 

By: Lively Root
July 7, 2021
Summer Bulbs Blowout
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Get a Burst of Color out of Summer Bulbs!

You'll find trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses in the garden making 'hay while the sun shines' but don't forget the burst of color out of summer bulbs! They can add that taaa-daaa drama like our Elephant ear varieties and colors like our caladiums, cannas, and amaryllis

Elephant Ears: More Drama for your Momma

Elephant ears like our Upright Giant Jurassic Alocasias or the Mammoth Elephant ears both give foliage impact that demands your attention. To remember how each leaf is displayed and the difference between the two, remember that the A in Alocasia is pointing up. The Mammoth Elephant Ear or Colocasia comes after A, and it points down like the Caladiums. 

Their tropical feel with their large leaves growing upwards of 6 feet tall and wide, moving in the breeze is perfect around a pool area or lakeside! 


Caladiums: A Splash of Color in the Shade Garden

If you have an area where you need a splash of color in the shade or part sun, caladiums are the perfect solution. They're easy to grow and add so much colorful foliage without the waining of flowers fading and reblooming. They're on display with their pinks, reds, and whites all the time throughout the entire summer. They don't miss a beat. And several of them are sun-tolerant, so 'live a little' and display them alongside the Elephant Ears for more drama for your mamma! 


Cannas: Named "Cool Product"

Don't overlook reblooming cannas, either. Their showy flowers in oranges, yellows, reds, and whites are rebloomers throughout the season. No wonder they won the title of "Cool Product" at the Tropical Plant International Expo! They strut their stuff like a flamenco dancer in your garden! 



Amaryllis: Showstoppers Inside and Out

Another one that will be your favorite is the Amaryllis bulbs. Plant them in the ground or a container pot. Our bulbs will give you up to two shows of color from their stalks with 3-4 blooms per stalk. These showstoppers come in a combo of pinks, whites, and reds. They do great inside with bright, indirect light for a live blooming display. 


You can plant these in the ground once it reaches 70°F. If you're not sure, use a meat thermometer. Stick it in the ground and wait 5 minutes. 


If you want to get a head start on planting them, plant them in a container grower pot to later transfer into the garden beds or planters when there is no chance of frost. Keep them in bright, indirect light or add supplemental interior light to them to help them sprout. 


Don't forget these as you round out your summer garden repertoire, adding color, size, and texture!