Decorating for the Holidays

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 15, 2022
Decorating for the Holidays
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Looking to bring the holiday spirit into your home? We are here to help! Trying to get your home in the holiday spirit can be daunting, but we think that a few green touches can be all you need to turn your normal decor into something warm and magical. Let’s talk about how you can change the spaces around your home for the winter season, from your tablescapes to your mantles! 


Create a Tablescape

Tablescapes are perfect for when you are hosting! To create the perfect tablescape, you want to add some color and flair that won’t dominate the entire space. Smaller touches like Pinecones, Pine Swags, or Candle Rings are great additions to this space! Want to go all out? Use a bigger centerpiece made from pine clippings, pinecones, and juniper.



Traditional (or not-so-traditional) Wall Decor

Wreaths are hugely popular holiday decor options, often bringing that pine-y vibe to your space without the hassle. Beyond the traditional pine and juniper wreaths, consider some alternatives like succulent wreaths! Not so much into wreaths? Look into options for garlands, which fit some spaces much better and can help you try something new!


Decorate a Mini-Holiday Tree

Finding space (or time) for a full-sized holiday tree can be difficult. A smaller option like a potted Norfolk pine is a great, living alternative that will last beyond the holiday season! These smaller pines look great with mini-ornaments on them, or even small garlands. They can be placed on a table, or in a festive room corner to brighten the space. Don’t forget, you can light up mini-trees, too! 



Add a Pop of Color

Looking to add some unique color to your space beyond just green? Red poinsettias are a popular pick for the holiday season that are easy to care for and continue to be beautiful all year! Other options to consider that are great for the holidays are Peace Lilies and Bromeliads.