Decorating Ideas for Fall Festivities

By: Debbie Neese
September 10, 2021
Decorating Ideas for Fall Festivities
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The colors of Fall that drop out of the sky make it extra spectacular during fall festivities. Try bringing those colors inside and duplicating earthy tones and bright colors with plants. Here, we will show you some arrangements to collect, create and display in your home. Make your festivities extra special with the plants you already have or can buy and keep forever! There is no need to buy a bouquet that lasts a short time when a Lively Root plant will work and be a centerpiece throughout the year! 

Front Door Wreath

Start at the door! Add Lively Root's live succulent wreath to the door to give a warm, lush welcome to your guests! It can do double duty as a centerpiece or on the door! Either way, you'll have an abundance of live plants to enjoy. Add a burlap ribbon to it, and voila, you're ready to celebrate Fall! 



Window Box

Just back from picking apples off the tree and squash and pumpkins in the patch? Add a few to the window box display. Create an ensemble with Lively Root's ivy as the base and overflow to this lush creation. Blinking lights will set off this display and welcome guests! 



Powder Room

Don't forget the powder room where guests will visit! Set Lively Root's colorful croton or kalanchoe teamed up with gourds, and miniature pumpkins with a few fall leaves or just go solo with one plant to give it a festive touch. Add a few pinecones sprinkled with cinnamon oil to add fragrance! 



Ledges and Shelves

Got a shelf or ledge? Add ivy plants, berry vines, feathers, dried flowers, seedpods, and our favorite Lively Root's Croton Petra. Go to the park and collect from nature or what falls from the sky to add to this collection. You can even have a nature lesson on how the earth sustains itself with the cycle of seeds! 





Pumpkin Decor Centerpiece

Gather your succulents, moss, glue, and gourds or pumpkins to make a decorative centerpiece or tabletop display. Use Lively Root's tiny succulent mix to make a spectacular centerpiece to display for months. After the pumpkin days are over, disassemble the succulent display. Plant each succulent cutting with a cactus, succulent soil mix. Learn how to make this centerpiece on our YouTube channel here

Place setting Name Tags

At each table setting, set a little treat with your guest's name on it. Use Lively Root's succulent assortment for this decoration. Stick a place card wire and name tag into the soil along with one of our favorite plant picks!. Create your place cards on the computer and print them off! Give them as party favors after your soiree! 



Fall is such a fun time! The cool, crisp air turns the leaves colorful shades. Mimic these same colors outside and inside with our Lively Root plants! Let's have a party to celebrate Fall!