Decoration Ideas with Indoor Plants

Try these decorating ideas with indoor plants. Plant lovers get inspired by these seven ideas for your Green Space.

By: Lively Root
May 22, 2019
Decoration Ideas with Indoor Plants
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Design Tip #1: Inspire Me with Indoor Plants

All artists start with inspiration.  Let's use a colorful plant to kick things off!  Try this beauty, Guzmania Bromeliad.  These are fun to work with because they come in a variety of bright colors to liven up your place.  On a solid background wall of white or gray, these will be the main attraction!  This one has glossy green foliage, which is also a bonus.

I've uploaded a photo into a palette generator here, and gotten some fresh color ideas to help decorate a space.  You can use these colors as accessory inspiration as you sort through your decor while decorating or create one of your own.

Bromeliad color scheme

Interested in Bromeliads?  Check out our custom Bromeliad collection!

Design Tip #2: Odd Numbers Naturally

Group your indoor plants and accessories in odd numbers.  It's inherently pleasing to the eye to cluster things in odd numbers (3,5,7, etc.).  Use a mixture of materials. Cluster candles, a photograph, and your Guzmania Bromeliad together with a complimentary accent color in the picture frame or candle.  Use several different textures like wood, metal, paper, or glass for lots of variety.

Design Tip #3: Background Colors

Use the colors pulled out of the color palette to inspire more plant material.  Other foliage plants with the medium to darker evergreen leaves can be accessorized and added, too.  The darker colors are a lovely backdrop if you're doing a grouping together.

Pothos color scheme

Design Tip #4: Plant height and place

If you took a walk through the woods, you'd see quite high overstory trees, then the understory trees, on down to shrubs and finally the perennials and groundcovers.  You can create a similar display with indoor plants.  Some plants will naturally take up more space, growing up in height like the statuesque Snake Plant (Sansevieria laurentii) or the Dracaena.  If buying bigger plants to sit in the corners, acting as "trees" in your space is overwhelming, you can opt for hanging baskets with creepers that spill over and vine.  These can mimic the hanging branches of a willow tree and give you that sense of Eden.  Great ones to use for this application are a Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) or Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureas).

Pothos plant

Design Tip #5: Use the Unusual

Adding your style is personal and needs to reflect your personality.  I love shopping in resale stores to find the unusual container to reclaim, refashion, and recycle to use in planting my indoor plants.  In doing so, make sure you create adequate drainage (which might require a drill to punch holes into the object)!

Design Tip #6: Top Dressing for the Indoor Plants

It's like blush and lipstick.  One extra touch makes all the difference in presentation. For instance, when you've potting your new houseplant baby, add some top dressing to cover the soil and add that classy finish to the container.  I use dried moss you can get in bags in the craft stores or buy it from a garden center.  You can also use dried Spanish moss, colored glass, colorful china chars or small polished pebbles too.  The color contrast is also very striking. This way, when you water, the soil stays in, it holds the moisture a little longer, and your animal fur balls won't see the soil and want to dig through it!

Design Tip #7: Vertical Gallery

Remember how Grandma has a 'Hall of Fame' gallery with all the grandkids on the wall?  Take Grandma's cue and create a gallery of plants.  There are plenty of planters for vertical gardens that won't harm the wall and add a colorful touch against a plain backdrop.  Adding your travel or favorite places photos framed alongside will bring you back in time as you walk past it every day.

Hanging plants