Indoor Plant Appreciation - Plant Enneagram Types

Find out your Enneagram type and which Lively Root plant is similar to you in personality! Get to know yourself and the plants that symbolize you.

By: Debbie Neese
February 15, 2022
Indoor Plant Appreciation - Plant Enneagram Types
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If you are into personality testing to get to know yourself better or your next-door neighbor, you might have heard of enneagrams! We've decided to identify some of our favorite plants with the personalities you know and love! That way, you can give a suitably matched plant with their nature! A match made in plant heaven! 

Enneagram #1: The Reformer

The Reformer is sensible yet idealistic. They tend to be conscientious, intentional, self-controlled, and lean towards perfectionism. Sometimes it's difficult for them to enjoy life if everything isn't in order. 

Do you know a plant like this? Maybe you're thinking the Ficus? Buddha sat under a ficus tree for enlightenment. So, it stands to reason that these same tendencies would be in the Ficus, right!?

Ficus wants everything to be perfect before performing well. So creating a no-fault zone, an ideal environment where there is an intentional goal to make them as cozy as possible is at the top of their must-have list! 

Personalities that keep a stop-watch on their duties and always show up on time will be just the right matchup for any of our Ficus plants! So try the Weeping Fig, Ficus Audrey, Ficus Benjamina Midnight Braid, or Fiddle Leaf Fig

Enneagram # 2: The Helper

The Helper is the devoted, relational type. They tend to be expressive, warm, people-pleasing, and a great friend. They want to be helpful, nurture people close to them. They have a sensitive spirit to know what you need intuitively! 

We put Snake plants in this category along with Boston Ferns because they're on the top of NASA's air purifying list! They're releasing oxygen, thereby serving the universe, and require nothing but your bad breathe (carbon dioxide). So they love taking care of you!  

Aloe is in the same category. In fact, you can snap a leaf off and use the sap to cover a burn on your skin for immediate relief! You'll have a medic in the house, too, with Aloe around!

Enneagram # 3: The Achiever

Greet the achiever! They are success-oriented, sensible types! You'll identify an Achiever by their compliance, superior talents, and ambitious temperament. They want to be the best at everything they do but mix in charisma and certainty while doing it. They're often inspiring and counted as the cheerleader friend in the crowd. 

Who better to fit this slot than the Monstera! She's been on social media channels as the best-loved plant that everyone wants in their home! Her 'go big or go home' attitude in leaf volume reflects her ambitious personality. She's often in the best design studios and home interiors as a must-have plant for the connoisseur of gardens. Her leaf shape looks like big handprints clapping you on in your endeavors, making her a great companion and encouragement! 

If you relate to the Monstera, try the Split leaf Philodendron (Monstera deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese Monstera (Monstera adansonii)

Enneagram # 4: The Individualist

The Individualist is always acutely aware of their surroundings and could be the category of being an introvert. Nonetheless, they are also admiringly imaginative individuals who relate emotionally and are often artists. 

We think if the Ming tree were a person, he would be the artist type while being a little mysterious and all to himself. His fluffy leaves and shape are quite artistic like a sculpture, and the trunk's medicinal qualities are believed to increase the lifespan, probably due to its creative, free-spirited nature! 

Enneagram # 5: The Investigator

This person is who you want in your study group or nearby for technical home repairs. He's intuitive, curious, detailed, and highly introverted. He'll make a hard pass to the celebratory party where people are involved, and instead, you'll find him at home reading Wikipedia.  

That's why our ferns fall under Enneagram #5. They like details (like plenty of humidity) and are asexual. So instead, they reproduce from the spores on the underside of their leaves. So how's that for a bit of ingenuity! 

If you're a #4, you've met your soulmate in a fern. Try our collection of ferns, including the Bird's Nest Fern, Lemon Button Fern, Boston Fern, Fern Chester, Staghorn Fern, and Fern Silver


Enneagram # 6: The Loyalist

The Loyalist is like your favorite boy/girl scout type. Tenacious, safe conscience, and reliable would be a good description of their demeanor. They have the EMS phone numbers in their phone, and they never forget their toothbrush on vaca! Caring, compassionate, and self-sufficient are their middle names! 

What reminds you of a boy/girl scout? Lively Root's Ponytail Palms are always prepared because they hold water in their root flair in case of drought. They originally lived in the Mexican desserts, so they're used to rough conditions and can be sufficient on their own! 

Succulents are the same, holding their water supply in their leaves, making them prepared and responsible! 

Enneagram # 7: The Enthusiast

If you dance like there is nobody there, then you might be the life of the party! Naturally spontaneous, not knowing a stranger, and your motto is, "She who dies with the most friends wins!" You're very adaptable in all sorts of situations and make a game out of the uncomfortable. You get a kick out of your adventures and always have a flock of peeps around you! 

We imagine if the Crotons, Jurassic Begonias, and Peacock plants were people, they'd be you! They are quite unique, colorful and get a lot of attention from their kaleidoscopic, patterned leaves! But, of course, you can't have just one; you will collect a crowd of them at some point because they're just, well, irresistible! Their leaves look like a party waiting to happen!  

Enneagram # 8: The Challenger

Eights are self-confident, assertive, and natural-born leaders. They can dominate the room and might even be a little intimidating to their peers. On the flip side, they're a loyal friend and will have your back when they believe in you and the cause. 

We think our lovely ivies fit this characterization. If left on their own, they can dominate their environment and spread quickly by growing up a wall or extending as a groundcover. They are hardworking plants, hang on for dear life, and are resilient, making them dominant in the landscape or planter! 


Type 9: The Peacemaker

Everyone needs a peacemaker in the bunch as they are great listeners without being judgy and disagreeable. They accept you as you are and give the team stability. 

We're giving a shout-out to our Peace Lily. She's so good-natured and isn't fussy! She waves her white flags to remind that she evokes peace all around her! 

Which enneagram description resonates with you? It's always fun to have a collection of friends from each category, and that goes for plants too! So we say the one with the most friends wins, that goes for plant varieties too! Invite all your personalities and plant friends to the party!