Lively Plants Delivered To Your Door!

Buying plants online at Lively Root! We take extra precautions, using packing inserts to keep your plant cozy and secure, with plant care! #1 Service

By: Debbie Neese
October 11, 2021
Lively Plants Delivered To Your Door!
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Are you a little hesitant about what to expect when buying your plants online from Lively Root? Then stay right here, and we'll explain what you can expect when you buy your plants from us!

Hesitant About Buying Plants Online? 

Some people are concerned about how their plants will arrive when buying online. We have developed a box and packaging system that gives us a 95% success rate in transit, so your plant arrives in the best possible health. Plus, we offer a 30-day guarantee for your new plant baby! Our Lively Root customer service is happy to help with any issues that may come up.

The boxes have gone through numerous redesigns to offer our plants the best success, so they stay snug and safe inside while in transit. 

Cold Weather Precautions

If you're in a colder area in the wintertime, the shipping department takes extra precautions to pack them for the cold weather. Our lively delivery team wraps them carefully in a nice cozy frost-protective blanket, along with adding a 72-hour heat pack. The heat pack will aid in keeping them warm for up to 3 days. We also recommend adding select 2-3 day shipping to ensure your plant arrives while the heat pack is warming the interior box. 

Shipping Confirmations & Tracking Details

Once you place an order online, you'll receive a confirmation. Look at it very carefully to ensure the shipping address is correct and wasn't autogenerated from a previous purchase! The following email will give you tracking information! If you don't plan to be home when it arrives, please arrange to have a neighbor or friend retrieve it (especially in cold or inclement weather.) If shipping through UPS, you can go online and sign up as a UPS Choice member and have it held at a facility near you for pickup. 

Note: if you aren't getting these emails, please check your spam and add Lively Root to your safe email receipts.

Recyclable Boxing

We strive to have all the box and packing supplies eco-friendly and recyclable, including the heat packs. So you can add it all to your recycling bin or your compost pile! 

You'll also notice our newest addition; our dirtbags wrapped around the grower pot, tightly holding the soil in place. This way, you don't have a spill-out when your plant baby lands! You can use the cotton bag for household items afterward! Notice any issues with your packaging? Just contact our Lively Root customer service to set things right.

Carrier's Treatment in Transit

You may be concerned about the carrier's treatment of the plant in transit!

Our new box graphics have markings all over the box to indicate what's inside. With 'this end up' signage, it signals our carriers to handle it correctly and know there's a living plant baby on board! The plant is locked into place with our specialty boxing insert to avoid drops the carrier might make when handling. Our new muslin dirtbags wrapped tightly around the exterior pot help hold the soil in place. 

Packing Inserts

Are you wondering about the packing slips showing pricing if you're sending it as a gift? By default, our packing slips don't include pricing if you're sending a gift to a friend or family member. 

Included is a plant card that gives you instructions on caring for your new Lively Root plant. You can keep this as a reference and find more detailed care instructions on our website at 

Unpacking Instructions

When you have the box open, there is a convenient finger hole to grab hold and pull the protective inserts out easily! We've thought of everything to make unboxing your Lively Root plant the best experience! 


You'll want to carefully untape all the corners and then unwrap the side panels and lift the plant out. Next, remove the frost blanket (during cold weather) and remove the dirtbag around the grower pot. Now, meet your new addition to your plant family! 

You'll want to examine her closely and check for any damage during transit to ensure she's okay and perfect. You can examine the leaves and make your assessment. If you have any concerns, reach out to our Lively Root customer service team with close-up pictures of issues with the plant. Please include a picture of the box, too, so we can report all incidences to UPS. Our service team can coach you on what to do to help settle your plant in or take care of your purchase. 

(Check her out)

If you order a cachet pot, you're good to go, and your plant already has a "complete look."  


Repot Now or Wait?

You might be wondering if you should repot now or wait. 

Please wait for at least six months to get it acclimated to your environment. It's going from a greenhouse into your space, so it may have some adjustment time. You won't want to stress it out more by moving its roots around. Find the perfect spot (light and humidity) and start nurturing her for the best results. 

Lively Root Delivery Offers Various Sizes and Options

Buying your plant from Lively Root gives you various plant options, from indoor plants to outdoor plants. Our sizes cover 4", 6", 8", 10", 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon. We also offer our eco-friendly pots in coconut, earl gray, chai, and macadamia. Other container offerings include ceramics and baskets to dress your plant up in. We ensure you'll have the "best dressed" plant in the neighborhood! 

Lively Root Support and Education

Plus, we support you throughout the growing process with our plant care articles, care cards to take care of your new plant baby, and our YouTube channel, where Miss Debbie will give you tips and tricks for your indoor and outdoor garden. 

Our online Lively Root customer support staff is always available to answer your plant care questions or issues at 


And! You can even share the love with family, friends, and colleagues and gift them a plant. We offer gift messages included, and by default, there is no pricing on the packing slip. 

We offer corporate gifting, which makes an excellent addition to anyone's workstation and gives them a source of clean air to breathe! 

We hope this dispels your concerns about buying your plants online. We have thought of all aspects of the transit ride for these little guys and have come up with a great, efficient solution for you to have fresh farm plants delivered to your door! Buying online saves time, and you'll know it came fresh from the grower!