Lively Root Subscriptions - How they Work

By: Hannah McWhorter
January 10, 2023
Lively Root Subscriptions - How they Work
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Plant subscriptions are green joy generators! We created them because we love receiving plant gifts from our friends and families (or when we treat ourselves), and wanted to give people the option to give a gift that keeps giving. We have a variety of options from easy care to pet friendly, and are constantly thinking of new ways to expand our collections. Read on to learn more!


Types of Subscriptions

We have three kinds of subscriptions that we offer:

Gifted Subscription

These subscriptions are pre-paid, and are sent out on a quarterly basis starting with right when you put in your order! You pay once for four deliveries, and the plant variety changes every quarter. They come in a handful of varieties and sizes including Easy Care, Rare/Unique Plants, and Pet-Friendly.

Single-Item Subscriptions

Though our Subscribe and Save, you can have single plants ordered and sent on a repeat basis of either every month, every two months, or every three months. Since you can send every subscription to a different address, this is great for repeat gifting (we see businesses do this for their clients often), or for employee appreciation.

Typical Subscriptions

These subscriptions work similar to a typical subscription box - you pick your category, and you will get a surprise plant quarterly! Pick from a different sizes and varieties like Easy Care, Rare/Unique Plants, and Pet-Friendly.


Managing Your Subscription

Getting to your Account Page

To access your account page, click on the "Account" icon at the top of any page:

If you have not yet created an account, make sure to make the account with the same email you used to purchase your subscription!


Editing your Subscription

Once on your account page, go to your "My Subscriptions" tab. Here you will be able to manage your order in a few ways.

When on the "Next Order" tab, If you click the green "Manage next order" button, you will be able to make edits to your subscription. Some of your options are:

  • Send Now - Sends your subscription early
  • Skip - Skips your next order
  • Gift - Gifts your next order, allowing you to put in recipient details and a gift message
  • Swap Item - Want to try another subscription? This lets you swap out which subscription you are using, or allows you to change your subscribe and save item.
  • Delay Date - Delays your order for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or allows you to set a custom date.
  • Edit Address - Moving? No problem! Edit your address anytime.

Under the "Subscriptions" tab, you have another "Manage Subscriptions" button to get a few more options:


  • Edit Payment - Changes your payment method
  • Pause - Pauses your subscription, you can reactivate whenever you are ready
  • Cancel - Ends your subscription

    You can also use the "Add to your next order" section to add any plantcare or add-ons you would like! We have everything from fertilizer and soil to more pots for your plants!

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