Plant Costume Ideas and the Plants that Inspired Them

By: Hannah McWhorter
October 15, 2022
Plant Costume Ideas and the Plants that Inspired Them
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DIYing the perfect Halloween costume can be tricky without inspiration. This year, our team got together and came up with fun planty costume ideas to get you through the season! These costumes are easy to do at home with the right materials and are inspired by some of our favorite green plant friends.


1. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are one of the world's best-selling plants! Part of the reason they are so popular is that they are so hardy, even in rough light conditions. Golden Pothos can thrive even if you forget them occasionally, and they are easy to propagate!

To make this costume, our team member used synthetic plants and recycled an old dress! With a few safety pins the perfect Pothos was created!

2. Meow-Stera (Monstera)

Monsteras, also known as Split Leaf Philodendrons, are extremely iconic. These plants are commonly seen in interior design due to their unique leaf shape, and they bring amazing jungle vibes into any home. On top of all that, they are effortless to care for!

To make this Meow-Stera cat costume, our team member used macrame knot techniques to create the base for the leaf. They then created holes to imitate the holes in the Monstera leaves and painted their macrame creations with wood glue to keep them in position. Once dry, they cut them into leaf shapes!

3. Snake Plant

Snake plants are known for being extremely hardy despite water or light conditions and having a unique shape. Snake Plants grow straight up, making them an architectural plant that adds class to any room.

To recreate the Snake plant, this team member took up-cycling to a new level! Using an old Lively Root box from one of their plants, they cut and painted sections to imitate the Snake Plant leaves growing from out of a pot!

5. String of Pearls


String of Pearls are an unusual succulent that drape over the side of a pot, its strands holding many small spheres that look like green pearls. If you love succulents, this is a great plant to add to your collection, and can handle some tough care situations!

Using green string and pom-poms, this teammate was able to make an effective costume! Draping these over a cute brown-themed outfit finished the look, making for an adorable String of Pearls! As an added bonus, this costume also fit on their dog perfectly!