Plant Gifting - Sending a Personalized Digital Message With your Gift

Gifting green is something we love. Plants are long-term reminders of how much you care for someone that continue to grow and bring smiles to your giftee. To help make the process more special, we implemented the ability to send personalized digital messages with your gifts! Here is how:

Step 1 - Find Your Order Confirmation

All purchase confirmations will have a section labeled "Did you Purchase this item as a gift?" In that section, select the button that says "Send a Gift Preview"

Step 2 - Customize your Gift Preview

Follow the prompts to enter the recipient's name, email, custom message and choose a digital delivery send time if you’d like!

Step 3 - Wait for your Gift to be Delivered!

That's it! You gift message will be delivered when you specified, and your gift will be on the way.


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