Try Our Fresh Strawberry Basil Margarita!

Plants are the perfect addition to Spring Cocktails!

By: Ashley Prybycien
April 15, 2022
Try Our Fresh Strawberry Basil Margarita!
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Springtime is fully upon us! It's all about blooming beauties & trying to focus on healthy habits to keep up with those New Year goals. YOU GROW GIRL! We know it's hard to balance all that life throws at you but we hope you create fun recipes with these plants! There are numerous plant babies to cook, eat & drink with below! Your garden is going to thrive! Learn more about our Culinary Collection here! Bring that garden indoors and cultivate healthy habits all year long! Make for your friends or enjoy this fresh beverage on a nice sunny day! 

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Fresh Strawberry Basil Margarita

Things you'll need: A cocktail shaker, muddler, lemon juicer, ice, a glass, Fresh Strawberries, Basil Genovese Jumbo, 1 lime, and tequila

Step 1: Grab your shaker, then cut your lime in half squeezes half of it into the shaker.

Step 2: Add 1/2 oz agave to the shaker 

Step 3: Pick 5-7 leaves off of your basil and roll them like a cigar and cut them with scissors into the shaker 

Step 4: Cut the leaves off of your strawberries and add 3 strawberries to the shaker and muddle them

Step 5: Add 1 shot of your favorite tequila. Add ice, shake then pour into your cup ENJOY! This makes 1 drink

Double the recipe above to make 2 drinks! 

by @bevsbybeverly

Watch this video here if you need more help making it!