Styling Plants for the Home Office

Tips and inspiration on styling plants for the home office. Reset your home office and order plants online to freshen your office and desk!

By: Debbie Neese
May 18, 2022
Styling Plants for the Home Office
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Styling plants for the home office just got easier. So if you order plants online but don't know where to place them, here are a few tips you might not have thought of yet! 



Color Coordinate your Pots and Home Office Plants

Start with the wall you're facing and can see the most. Adding floating shelves where you can place knick-knacks mixed in with live plants can bring the stress level down a notch or two on your worst days. When placing smaller indoor plants on shelving, use similar vessels in a color palette for consistency throughout the room. Our eco-pots come in four color combinations with warm and cool colorings. Chai and Macadamia eco-pots would look great with our Money Tree (PF - Pet Friendly) tucked inside. Besides, no one can have enough of those sprinkled around the house as they inspire prosperity and resources! 

Our Coconut and Earl Grey are in the cool range and would look serene with a white Flamingo Flower or White Stripe Dragon Dracaena



Best Indoor Plants for your Home Office

Another idea is to use a floor-to-ceiling plant with several spots to hold planters. Position it in front of the window to get maximum light and give you a sense that you're in a tropical jungle! With their pretty white spathes, Peace lilies are good home office plants. As far as seeing green, our Chinese Money Plant (PF) looks like perfectly round coins on a stem and brings you good luck. It's also an easier home office plant to grow since you can treat it like a succulent. 

If you have extra seating, try adding an indoor statement plant like our Fiddle Leaf Fig that you can sit on the floor beside the chair to give a cozy feeling and lower the ceiling a bit. Using a decorative ornamental cachepot can set the plant up for success. Remember to take the plant out of the pot when watering and let it drain, so it doesn't sit in the water around the roots. 

Buy small indoor plants that you can set on a window sill or desk that won't take up much room, like our ZZ plant, Robusta Snake Plant, or our little Cutie Baby Succulents (PF). These are all very low maintenance, no drama houseplants for sale on our website that you can use to decorate and style your home office! 

Hanging plants take up no surface space and still leave you feeling refreshed since they give off good vibes and fresh air! Use our Syngonium White Butterfly in the air with one of our macrame hangers or even our El Mejor Spanish Moss Air plants (PF) to intertwine around the macrame hanger or on shelves. 

These are a few of our favorite plants to make your home office more relaxing and get that fresh plant air flowing! Please send us a picture of how you are styling your home office with your Lively Root plants, and tag us on social media!