Three Ways to Celebrate Love a Tree Day

By: Hannah McWhorter
May 15, 2022
Three Ways to Celebrate Love a Tree Day
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Earth Day is not the only holiday where we can celebrate the beautiful greenery on our planet! Love a Tree Day lets us show some extra appreciation to our leafy friends. Take some time to snuggle up under your favorite tree with a book, or try one of these other ways to treat them:


1 - Give Your Trees Some TLC


Trees love a bit of pampering! Take some time to give them a full spa day by giving them a full treatment. Start by examining your tree to see if there are any dead twigs that you can prune. By getting rid of these dead branches, you open up the canopy and allow for more light to reach healthier parts of the tree. It also can prevent disease and damage to the tree. 


Next, take some time to water your tree! To get it prepared for the hot summer, give it a nice hefty drink if it hasn’t rained in a while! If it hasn’t rained for a week, and it shouldn’t rain for another, water it thoroughly. Remember that overwatering can be just as harmful as underwatering! 


To finish the treatment, make sure to check the tree out for any signs of pests or diseases. Look on the leaves and bark for discoloration, holes, white spots, sticky substances, or bored holes. Any of these can be signs of a more severe problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Make sure to learn about the species of trees around you - some are much more susceptible to certain ailments than others! 

2 - Treat Trees to Some New Mulch


Mulching doesn’t just add a decorative border around trees, it helps maximize how much water they can drink and keeps them healthy. Adding a mulchy border will protect your tree and help it thrive. When mulching, make it in a “donut” shape, leaving a 12-inch bare space around the base of the trunk. Put the mulch around the tree about three inches deep in a ring. You will need to remulch as it decomposes every couple of years. Good mulch means your tree will lose less water to evaporation and will protect against weeds!


3 - Foster a New Tree


Growing a new tree is a great way to celebrate Love a Tree Day! If you are looking for an outdoor plant, consider a fruit-bearing tree that will continue to gift you for your care. If you want to add a plant indoors, why not consider something like a Dragon Tree or Rubber Tree? On Love a Tree Day, Lively Root is offering 20% off as well as planting a tree in your name for every plant sold! It truly will be a two-for-one way to create more greenery!


Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Love a Tree Day, take time to enjoy your leaf-filled friends, whether with a picnic under their boughs or by pampering them for the day!