Top Culinary Recipes for your Summer Cookout

By: Hannah McWhorter
June 19, 2022
Top Culinary Recipes for your Summer Cookout
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Looking for a great way to use some of your herbs and culinary plants? No worries, we have put together some of our favorite recipes that you can pull out at your next summer cookout! These recipes are great for impressing guests, and will help you find new ways to use those yummy fresh herbs that you are growing.

Grilled Potatoes with Herbs

Looking for an easy way to spice up a potato side for your next cookout? This is a great way to show up with something besides just the usual potato salad, and you can include a variety of veggies to add to the meal depending on what your main dish will be!

1 - Pre-boil your potato of choice. To do this, bring a pot of water to a boil, then add your potatoes. Let lower to a simmer, and cook for about 10-15 minutes, or until they are tender (you can test this with a fork).

2 - Fire up the grill to a medium temperature, and put together your seasoning in a large bowl. Some of our favorites with this recipe include a vinaigrette, a honey glaze, or a lemon garlic mixture.

3 - Cut up any veggies or add-ins, such as onions, garlic, chilis, tomatoes, or snap peas.

4 - Cut your potatoes and add with your vegetables into a bowl. Coat lightly with an oil of your choice for the grill. Add salt and other dry seasoning as needed at this stage.

5 - Grill your vegetables until charred, this should take anywhere from 11-16 minutes.

6 - Add your vegetables into your dressing bowl once done grilling. Add fresh herbs at this stage to taste. We recommend basil or dill!

Fresh Herb Salad

A great way to lighten up a grilled meal is a fresh herb salad. We recommend this with pork, but it goes great with any meat! For a dressing, a vinaigrette or simply olive oil and lemon juice are great options.

Check out what herbs look ready to pick in your garden. We recommend a healthy base of cilantro or parsley, as well as dill, mint, chives, and your favorite variety of greens. A good ratio is to do two cups of cilantro or parsley, two cups of greens, and one cup of dill, mint, and/or basil followed by a handful of chives. If you have access to them, micro greens add amazing texture. Watercress is another popular option in herb salads. To add some texture, consider topping with sliced almonds, roasted walnuts, or pepitas. Easy, simple, and refreshing!

Herb Yogurt Sauce

This sauce is a great topping for salads, fish, and chicken. You can use any herb from your garden you would like in this recipe, but we highly recommend dill, cilantro, or or mint.

To make the sauce, put all ingredients into a food processor (or blender) and mix the following:

2 cups of your herb of choice
1 cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt
A splash of olive oil
2-4 garlic cloves
Honey to taste