Treat Yourself or Your Friends To Plants on Singles' Day!

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 10, 2021
Treat Yourself or Your Friends To Plants on Singles' Day!
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Are you someone who has always preferred the hustle to a relationship? Too focused on you and self-care to add a plus one to your life right now? There certainly isn’t wrong with either of these things, and there absolutely isn’t anything wrong with being single - in fact, it can be a source of joy for many people who prefer the lifestyle! In fact, there is even a holiday celebrating singles, called Singles’ Day, Bachelors’ Day, or Double 11 falling on November 11th!

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Singles’ Day is a holiday popularized in China, celebrated on 11/11 because the number somewhat resembles a stick. This symbolism represents someone who isn’t pursuing a relationship, as they aren’t adding any branches to the family tree. It is speculated that the holiday was created by single students at the Nanjing University, where they decided that they deserved a day to make being single more celebrated. The holiday has become a phenomenon in China, becoming the largest shopping day in the world! 

On November 11th, it is time to focus on the positives of single life. Consider the many ways that you have created space for yourself in your life, and how you practice self-care in those moments. As you think of ways to celebrate the holiday, consider practicing a day of self-gift giving and self-care, or share gifts with your single friends! From spa days to small gifts, it is wonderful to take time to show those single people in your life how appreciative you are of them (whether that means a gift for someone else or a treat for yourself)!

For this Singles Day, treat yourself or a single in your life to a green gift. Caring for a plant lets you have a meditation moment every time you care for them, helping you continue your self-love practices long after giving the gift! Here are a few of our favorite candidates from our Singles Day Collection for you to spend your Single's Day with -


Golden Pothos

A favorite plant due to its hardiness, this plant pays off if you care well for it. Growing beautifully and trellising around anything you will let it such as windowsills or shelving, this plant is easy to propagate and hardy enough to handle most areas of your home!

Money Tree

Do you know someone who is single because they are dedicated to their hustle? A Money Tree is said to bring good luck and fortune to those who care for it, making it a perfect good omen for those in your life who inspire you with their work ethic. Plus, it is pet friendly - what's not to love?

Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera)

Looking for something tropical? The Monstera doesn't only just have whimsical vibes, but can grow to be a big, jungle-y addition to your home! If you are looking for a piece that can double as interior design, this is a perfect pick.

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