Why You Should Get a Living Tabletop Christmas Tree This Year

It’s no surprise that this holiday season will probably look a little different than any other we have experienced, so why not start a new tradition? At the same time, you will save a tree from the landfill (an estimated 25-30 million trees are purchased each season, and most end up in the dump!). Grab a hot mug of cider or cocoa and get to trimmin’ that tree!

  1. They’re adorable. What is cuter than a miniature tree? We’ll wait.

  2. They are easy to take of! 

  3. They keep on living after the holiday season is over. Unlike a traditional Christmas tree purchased at a tree farm, this plant is rooted in dirt and will continue to live. It will serve as a meaningful reminder of this holiday season for years to come.

  4. It is delivered straight to your door – no need to brave the cold and/or crowds to secure signature holiday décor! Bonus: because it is a potted plant, it will fit seamlessly into your current plantscape once the holidays are over.

  5. Give yourself a new creative outlet! Cover your tabletop tree in miniature ornaments, garlands, and lights to make it your own. You can place it in a decorative pot, or decorate a pot yourself!

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