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Independence Day (4th of July): Questions & Answers

Update Your Best Traditions With Plants

If you want a real conversation starter at your next holiday get-together, 4th of July plants will make the occasion anything but ordinary. While giving house plant gifts for Independence day may not be your first idea when you think of the 4th of July or any other holiday, they’ve quickly become the perfect housewarming gift for any occasion. House plants have scientifically supported therapeutic benefits from reducing stress to boosting productivity to purifying the air. 4th of July plants are a unique and thoughtful gift everyone can appreciate beyond the event.

Set The Trend With 4th Of July Plants

If you’re wondering which plants make the best gifts, look no further than our 4th of July plants collection. We’ve filled it with one-of-kind-treasures that everyone will enjoy no matter their horticulture experience or personality. Gift your host with the Snake and Money Plants, the ultimate lucky bundle containing two plants beautiful in their simplicity and each with their own extraordinary style. Meanwhile, nothing compares to the African Violet with its deep, intense, vibrant colors and abundant blooms that will make you want 4th of July plants for yourself.

More Than A Trend, Green Gifting Is The Future

Best of all, 4th of July plants tell your recipients that the environment matters. Giving the gift of plants is literally green gifting, so you’re doing your part in providing sustainable green gifts that are better for the planet. Instead of buying a present for the holiday that ends up in the trash, the green plants in our 4th of July plants collection last indefinitely, thanks to their resilience and
reproductive ability.

Shipped Fresh (and Fast) From Our Nursery To You

Lively Root’s commitment to customer satisfaction means we’re years ahead of the field at every level of service. When you buy 4th of July plants for the next holiday, don’t expect the usual service. Expect more, such as a choice of fast, dependable shipping services offered anywhere in the continental US. Want your 4th of July plants as soon as possible for the weekend? Count on us to get it there in exquisite condition to add a touch of beauty to your gathering. We consistently deliver satisfaction!