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Boston Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Boston, MA

Whether you’re searching for hardy indoor plants or outdoor plants ideal for the local weather, we’re sure Lively Root Boston live plant delivery carries home plants with further benefits than simply looking pretty. For example, Spider Plants can be attractive, welcoming, and practical. One of the best air purifying plants available, they work hard no matter where you place them. They remove toxins in the air and boost oxygen levels. You will become a big fan of Everyone’s Favorite Golden Pothos, another plant for all seasons, since it’s nearly impossible to kill. This low-water, low-light, and low-maintenance species deservedly earns the spot as one of our best-selling plants.

Best Plant Delivery Boston

Lively Root Boston live plant delivery encourages you to experience not just the beauty of plants but their unlimited health benefits. If you’re inspired to grow your own lush corner of life in Beantown, you can rely on us to deliver your plants from our nursery to your door as soon as possible. We eliminate the worry and hassle of live plant delivery by offering quick shipping for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and expedited (2-3 business days) or rush delivery (1-2 business days) at an additional cost. Best of all, we believe the environment matters and use only sustainable packaging and practices.