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Dallas live Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Dallas, TX

When looking for home plants that reflect the city’s uncompromising good taste, we guarantee Dallas residents will find their ideal indoor plants and outdoor plants with Lively Root Dallas live plant delivery. For example, the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) is not only an easy to grow variety, you can only describe its attractive foliage and silvery leaves as breathtaking. We also recommend the Magenta Cane Dragon Tree (Dracaena), one of the easiest plants to grow. Its unique silhouette makes it an uncommon accent to make your green space an original masterpiece.

Best Plant Delivery Dallas

At Lively Root, we’ve long promoted the significance of greener spaces to Dallas residents’ everyday life. Our mission is to inspire you to find your hidden horticulturist by not only providing you with the highest quality live plants for sale but incomparable Dallas live plant delivery service. We offer quick Standard delivery within 4-7 business. Need your plants sooner? We also have Expedited (2-3 business days) and Rush (1-2 business days) options at an additional cost. Lively Root care about our plants as we care about our impact on the planet. We only use eco-friendly materials and sustainable best practices.