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Indoor Houseplants Buying Guide & Care Tips

Revitalize your home or office with Lively Root's stunning collection of indoor plants! Our carefully curated range of houseplants, nurtured with passion and expertise in our own nursery, promises to infuse your spaces with vibrant greenery and natural elegance.

Reinvent Your Interior With Our Collection of Indoor Plants

Indoor Houseplants

Indoor plants offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and health benefits for your home or office. They are known for their air-purifying abilities, helping to cleanse the indoor air by absorbing pollutants, as seen in varieties like Boston FernPygmy Date Palm, or Peace Lily. Beyond their environmental impact, these plants also contribute positively to your mental well-beingStudies indicate a reduction in anxiety and an improvement in mood and productivity when surrounded by greenery.

In terms of decor, indoor plants effortlessly enhance any room's style. Whether a tropical palm in your living room or an arrangement of snake plants, they bring a natural, vibrant touch to your space. Additionally, placing these plants on your porch during summer can boost your home’s curb appeal, creating an inviting atmosphere for all who visit.

How to Choose the Right Plant for Your Indoor Space

Choosing the perfect indoor plant requires considering your lifestyle and space. Think about the care you can provide, the light available in your home, and if you have pets. Lively Root’s Plant Quiz is a great tool to guide you toward suitable options.

Lifestyle Considerations

If you're often busy and prefer low-maintenance greenery, Lively Root has a range of easy-care plants to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a homebody, there’s a plant that matches your routine.

Space Evaluation

Consider the size of your living area. Are you looking to make a statement in a spacious room with a large indoor plant? Or is your space more suited to charming, small-sized houseplants that add a cozy feel?

Lighting Conditions

Assess the light in your area. Whether you have a shade-filled room perfect for ferns and climbers like English Ivy, or a sun-drenched space ideal for tropical plants, we have varieties that thrive in diverse lighting conditions.

Pet-Friendly Choices

If you have furry friends at home, opt for pet-safe plants like the Money Tree. Alternatively, for plants that could be harmful if ingested, ensure they are placed well out of your pet’s reach to maintain a safe and happy home environment

Nurturing Healthy Indoor Plants: Understanding Their Needs

Indoor plant care guide

Every indoor plant has unique requirements, making it crucial to know their specific light, water, humidity, and temperature needs. Here's how to ensure your houseplants are not just surviving but thriving.

Light Requirements

Most indoor plants flourish in bright, indirect light. Position them a few feet away from south, west, or east-facing windows for optimal filtered sunlight. For north-facing rooms, consider plants like the ZZ plant, which are more tolerant of low-light conditions.

Watering Tips

Watering needs vary significantly among different plants. While some prefer the soil to dry out completely between waterings, others thrive in consistently moist soil. Always check the plant's care guide provided with your purchase for specific watering instructions to avoid over or under-watering.

Creating the Right Environment

The overall well-being of your houseplants also depends on humidity and temperature. Try to replicate their natural habitat as much as possible. This could mean increasing humidity for tropical plants or maintaining a stable temperature for more sensitive varieties.

By paying attention to these aspects, you can create a lush, healthy indoor garden that brings joy and life to your home

Indoor House Plants: Care and Maintenance Tips

Indoor House Plants

Indoor plants require love and care. Although different varieties have specific needs, there are some universal care tips that all plant lovers should follow:

  • Soil and fertilization: Plants need the suitable soil to thrive. So, it’s essential to understand their specific soil requirements. Most houseplants should be fertilized once a year in the spring. However, some varieties need feeding more frequently.
  • Watering and light: Light and water requirements vary for different plant species. Common mistakes are overwatering and sunlight overexposure, resulting in scorched, yellow, brown, drooping, and falling leaves. You must also consider seasonal changes and adjust light exposure and watering schedules accordingly.
  • Temperature and humidity: Most indoor plants thrive in 30% to 60% humidity, apart from succulents, a low-humidity group. In addition, some tropical beauties love warm and humid climates, so their foliage will benefit from additional misting.
  • Pruning and cleaning: Cleaning and pruning your plant to remove damaged leaves or shape them is critical to its well-being—dust houseplants regularly to facilitate light absorption so they can create vital nutrients. Cut off dead stems and leaves, or use pruning as a propagation tool.
  • Repotting and transplanting: Repot your indoor plant as soon as it overgrows its planter. Most houseplants require transplanting into a bigger pot every 2 years. Repotting is sometimes necessary to manage root rot and other disease issues.
  • Pests and diseases: Although grown in a more controlled indoor environment, house plants can suffer from insect infestations and fungal problems. Timely actions are a must to remedy the situation.

Personalize Your Space With Indoor Plants

Houseplant Delivery

Green up your home or office space with various indoor plants in tune with the decor! Utilize empty corners to create a cascade of beautiful greenery with hanging plants on a multi-tiered plant stand or in plant hangers

Large living rooms can benefit from a striking green centerpiece. Place a beautiful Areca Palm as a focal point against a contrasting wall a few feet from the nearest window. With its lush canopy of arching fronds, you’ll instantly get a warm, tropical feel. Floor plans are also ideal for home office spaces, as positioning flower pots higher up risks damaging your equipment during watering sessions.

To help you create or expand your indoor garden, use Lively Root’s jungle calculator and get a bundle of different-sized plants delivered to your door. Experiment with colors and materials and introduce natural baskets, terracotta planters, and eco pots to match your interior design scheme.

Create Your Own Paradise With Indoor Plants From Lively Root!