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Knoxville Plant Delivery

Knoxville Plant Delivery

Knoxville, TN residents looking for plants that are as beautiful as they are practical trust Lively Root’s live plant delivery Knoxville.They depend on our unmatched plant expertise to inspire them with the ideal houseplants for the region’s humid subtropical climate. For example, the Vriesea Bromeliad will literally be a bright spot in your day with its sword-shaped red flower spike. While they’re an easy going variety, they don’t bloom until they are aged three to five years.Once they do, they’ll add a little sunshine no matter the weather. We likewise suggest the Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia Obtusifolia), another easy to care for plant that’s adorable whether hanging in a container from a shelf or basket.

Best Knoxville Plants

If we’ve inspired you to start or expand your own green space, then Lively Root has accomplished its mission. Our job doesn’t stop there, because you can rely on us to deliver your healthy, happy plants to you and your loved ones, too. We ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and at an additional cost for expedited or rush delivery. We currently ship to 48 states (including Tennessee)  within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). We dedicate our farm to table live plant delivery Knoxville service to helping our customers lead greener and more sustainable lifestyles.