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Labor Day Plants: Questions & Answers

Plants As Labor Day Gifts Symbolize Its Spirit


Labor Day is observed yearly on the first Monday in September. For many Americans, it's a long weekend that marks the end of summer with sports events, Labor Day parades, group gatherings, and meaningful labor day gifts. The holiday recognizes the contributions of all workers to the strength and well-being of the country. If you want to capture the true spirit of the occasion, labor day gifts for employees will also be a much-appreciated gift. When it comes to labor day gift ideas, there's nothing more rewarding than plants. Besides brightening your recipient's day with their beauty, plants as labor day gifts have science-backed mental health and productivity benefits everyone can enjoy.

Plants Are A Must-Have For People On The Go


Since plants are at once decorative and practical, they'll fill so many needs as Labor Day gifts. Start showing your employee appreciation with the "Elephant Ear" Alocasia Regal Shield. It's a bold turn of shape and color to liven up the workplace. Best of all, having plants around is sure to increase your office productivity, so it does double duty. The Swiss Cheese Monstera also focuses on functionality while being delightful to look at with such distinctive leaves. It's no wonder that plants as Labor Day gifts make the workplace more creative by being artistically inspiring.

Plants As Individual As They Are


Lively Root believes everyone deserves a plant regardless of where they are, especially in the workplace. When you give plants as Labor Day gifts, you're not only giving something attractive and meaningful to commemorate the occasion. You're giving them the gift of greenery that is a refreshingly new way to spruce up their workspace and brighten up their lives. Because our ongoing mission is to inspire and connect through greener spaces, we see the significance of plants as Labor Day gifts to connect workers back to nature.

We Deliver An Inspired Gift For Labor Day


You can send timeless Labor Day gifts today to make the moment wherever your recipients are. Lively Roots delivers fast and fresh anywhere in the continental United States to commemorate the special occasion with uniquely suited Labor Day gifts. You can depend on us to ship from our loving nursery to their door with plenty of peace of mind