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Easy-Care, Pet Friendly or Rare & Special, choose the perfect plant subscription for you & your green space.  Get a surprise plant shipped every quarter artfully curated by our expert plant stylist.  Our subscription program is the only was to get access to some of our rarest and most sought-after plants.

Open Up Your Plant Goodies

Every quarter, we will ship you a new surprise plant.  Never get the same plant twice.  We will make sure to keep you delighted with every shipment.

Make a New Plant Friend

Every plant is a new opportunity to find a new favorite plant.  Learn about your plant via our online library or by sending your questions to our support team so our southern plant goddess Miss Debbie can help you out.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee your plant comes healthy and thriving, or we will reship it at no cost to you.  We promise you will love your new plant.  Prepare for an epic green space!

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Pet Safe Plants

Pet-Friendly House Plants for Delivery Make Your Home Safe

While we’re happy to extol all the positive benefits of owning plants time and time again, we do have one critical warning. If you have a pet at home, it may have not yet crossed your mind that plants can pose a danger to their health and overall well-being. The good news is Lively Root features pet-friendly house plants for delivery on this page to help you take the preventive measures to keep your green space entirely pet safe. Stick to the indoor plants in this section to enjoy the best of both worlds. Don’t worry. We’ve selected pet-friendly house plants for delivery that will still add a great deal of beauty and usefulness to your everyday life, too.

When it comes to pet-friendly house plants for delivery, you will have plenty of options as recommended by organizations committed to animal safety and welfare, like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), among others. We've also pooled our own experiences with plants that have been tested and found pet safe over time. For instance, our Baby Rubber Plant will be a welcome addition to your home not only for its standout good looks but because it's pet-friendly too. Of course, we've included our Cat Palm in this catalog of pet-friendly house plants for delivery, not just for its name, but because it's safe for all pets.

At Lively Root, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the many aesthetic and useful benefits of plant ownership—especially pet owners. Are you concerned about your pet babies mixing it up with your plant babies at home? Our pet-friendly house plants for delivery save you the needless worry with a wide variety of pet-friendly plants that are safe for pets to ingest. Of course, it’s best not to let your pets eat your house plants, but just in case they have, you need not panic. As long as you buy pet-friendly house plants for delivery from this page, you’ll have peace of mind that these house plants are safe for pets to live alongside.