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Norfolk Plant Delivery

Norfolk Plant Delivery

Norfolk, VA residents may enjoy the best of worlds with cold winters  (42 °F) and hot (81 °F). However, it might make choosing the ideal houseplants complicated. If you want to experience the beauty and health benefits of nature all year round, live plant delivery Norfolk takes the guesswork from living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Naturally, the namesake Norfolk Island Pine is a sure bet. Not only is it delightful to look at with its layered pyramidal shape, it's easy to care for too, making it a great house plant throughout the year. We also suggest the English Ivy Green Ideal, another starter plant that’s pretty but tough. It stays green all year round.

Best Norfolk Plants

Because we believe everyone deserves a plant, Lively Root’s live plant delivery Norfolk brings nature’s best from our nursery right to your door. We even ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days. If you want your gift of green right away, we also provide expedited or rush delivery at an additional cost. At present, we ship to 48 states (including Virginia) within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Best of all, Lively Root has an uncompromising dedication to preserve the planet by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.