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Orlando Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Orlando, FL

Growing indoor plants and outdoor plants in Orlando may not be easy, but with Lively Root Orlando live plant delivery’s help, you can appreciate it for a lifetime. The Jungle Starter Plant Collection is a real convenience to begin your own green space at home or at the office. It’s also a simple pleasure with four of our best-selling live plants for sale, all guaranteed to be extremely easy to care for. Meanwhile, the Spring Cactus, also called Easter cactus, has natural opulence and serene beauty with its vibrant, multi-colored blooms and characteristic lush leaves. While it requires more water than other cacti, it remains low maintenance and can survive for many years.

Best Plant Delivery Orlando

Look to Lively Root Orlando live plant delivery to help you cultivate your own lush corner of life. We provide an authentic farm to table experience to bring the beauty (and many benefits of nature) from our nursery to your door. They arrive in beautiful condition and on time thanks to three top-notch shipping options, including free Standard Delivery (4-7 business days) and Expedited (2-3 business days) or Rush (1-2 business days) delivery at an added fee. We currently ship to 48 states in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).