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Paducah Plant Delivery

Paducah Plant Delivery

At the confluence of the Tennessee and the Ohio rivers, Paducah, KY has hot and muggy summers and cold and wet winters. When residents of “The Quilt City” want to experience natures’ best all year round, they can count on Lively Root’s live plant delivery Paducah service. We bring you the gift of nature indoors with plants like our top picks for your climate. Start with the Red Ruffles Premium Caladium, which is guaranteed to add a little sunshine wherever it goes with its intense red strap leaves and vibrant dark green borders. For even more profusion of color, we next recommend the Decadent Double Rose Tulip with its shapely pink delights, peony flowering tulips that have a slightly sweet scent.

Best Paducah Plants

Plant lovers of every level trust Lively Root live plant delivery Paducah thanks to our over 200 combined years of horticultural experience. Our mission is to inspire top-tier green spaces that lead to more sustainable lifestyles. We ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and at an additional cost for expedited or rush delivery. We currently ship to 48 states (like Kentucky) within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Since we care about our plants just as much as we care about our impact on the environment, we use eco-friendly materials and shipping best practices.