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Patio: Questions & Answers

Outdoor patio plants to perfect for your home

From inner-city balconies to countryside porches, our outdoor patio plants come in sizes to suit every type of outdoor space. If you have a lot of room to play with, we recommend choosing a large plant, such as the giant bird of paradise or lady palm. They make an excellent focal point if you have the space for them, and they can bring a touch of the tropics to the suburbs. Our medium-sized outdoor patio plants look great lined up on top of short walls or make a fantastic centerpiece for outside dining tables. Look out for striking foliage plants, like the croton petra with its multicolor leaves, and the Neanthe bella palm with its delicate fronds and skinny shoots.

Potted patio plants are perfect for indoor/outdoor living

Some outdoor patio plants may need to be brought inside during fall and winter. Before committing, it's worth researching how hardy a plant is and whether it's likely to survive in your region. USDA hardiness levels give a good indication of the kind of temperatures that tropical plants can handle. The beauty of keeping them in a pot, rather than planting them directly in the ground, is that you can pick them up and bring them inside if there's a risk of frost. Most of our patio plants can thrive indoors too, as long as they have lots of sunlight and water.

Patio plants a thoughtful summer gift

We're big fans of people giving plants as gifts. During summer cookouts, bring along a small patio plant to thank your hosts. It'll last way longer than a bouquet of flowers, and it's more unique than bringing a bottle of wine or dessert. Plus, it'll make a beautiful addition to their outdoor space for years to come — serving as a constant reminder of the good times you've had together. Patio plants are also excellent housewarming gifts, especially if this is their first home with some outdoor space. If you are giving a plant as a gift, we recommend choosing easy care ones. Luckily, most of our collection is fairly low maintenance, so they're great confidence boosters too.