High Light Plants

How can I tell if a spot has high light levels?

The easiest way to check is by looking at your shadow. If it's crisp and defined, the light levels can be considered as high. If it's a little fuzzy then it's medium, and if you don't cast a shadow at all then the light levels are low. 

Get a taste of the tropics with high light indoor palms

It's not surprising that many of our high light house plants for delivery come from the tropics. Not all of our tropical plants love bright light, but our palms sure do. They'll instantly add beach vibes to whichever room you place them in. As well as large varieties that can easily grow to ceiling-skimming heights of eight feet and over, we also have mini Lil’ Bit versions that make the perfect addition to your windowsill or work desk.

Add some color with flowering high light plants

Our blooming plants love high light environments. Look out for cute kalanchoes — these flowering succulents are super easy to care for and super forgiving if you forget to water them. They also bloom with bunches of red, orange, and yellow flowers. Another flowering plant that loves high levels of light is the flamingo plant or anthurium. This tropical beauty has long-lasting blooms that change color throughout the year. Another option to look out for is the croton petra. It doesn't flower, but its variegated foliage comes in a rainbow of pinks, purples, and yellows so it's as striking as any bouquet.

Quirky high light plants to impress your friends

As well as classic favorites, our high light plant collection also includes a few weird and wonderful options. They're not quite Instagram famous — yet — but we love the way they look. Discover unique shrubs like the aralia ming stump, with foliage that's pale green on the top and purple on the bottom. Another option that's become more popular recently is the pineapple plant, complete with a mini fruit on top. It's impossible not to smile when you look at it. We're constantly updating our inventory of new plants too!