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Raleigh Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Raleigh, NC

Whatever time of the year, Lively Root Raleigh live plant delivery brings the beauty and health benefits of our doubly beautiful, doubly useful house plants like the Star Jasmine. This easy to care for plants adds a touch of beauty to your day with their wonderfully scented, white, star-like flowers. Since this evergreen vine grows quickly up to 6 feet, they fit into any decor like arbors, porch rails, and trellises or work as a privacy screen. The Syngonium Holly Bianco also comes highly recommended with its silvery-white leaves and green margin. Since this species reflects light in medium to low lighting. It makes a great desk plant.

Best Plant Delivery Raleigh

At Lively Root, we believe everyone deserves a plant even if they lack a green thumb. It’s why we’ve carefully chosen the ideal live plants for sale for Raleigh live plant delivery. You can trust our over a century of combined experience to help you cultivate your own lush corner of life. You’ll also have plenty of peace of mind with our fast and dependable shipping service. Because we want to bring you the best possible customer experience, our three different service levels mean we fill so many needs. These include Standard delivery within 4-7 business and Expedited (2-3 business days) or Rush (1-2 business days) delivery at an extra cost.