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NEW Plants To Learn To Love: Questions & Answers

Be A Plant Pacesetter With Our Recently Added Collection

Since the plant universe is ever-evolving, our recently added collection for plant delivery is your
best bet to stay a step ahead. We may not have a crystal ball, but with over a century of
combined experience in everything horticulture, the experts at Lively Root consistently set the
trend. The recently added collection regularly features our best discoveries yet, especially if
you’re eager for rare and unusual varieties for plant delivery. We’ll teach you to shop for indoor
plants and outdoor plants in a whole new way.

Get The Jump On House Plants Vogue

While house plants have been around since the hanging gardens of Babylon, they enjoy a well- deserved resurgence in popularity thanks to our plant delivery service. Who wouldn’t want your plant delivery to fill social media with standout shots like these? With its signature heart-shaped leaf, the Hoya Heart looks so good on the outside that it makes people feel good inside. We’re also huge fans of the Cat Palm and its dressed-down elegance of “furry” green leaves and bold turn of colors when it blossoms in the spring.

Relax, Renew, And Rejuvenate With Plants

While our recently added green superstars are irresistible for their head-turning good looks, they’re also doubly valuable for improving your health and well-being. Regardless of your plant expertise, our plant delivery service will bring you the many benefits of living and working with home plants. Caring for plants has proven to lessen stress by putting you in touch with your nature-loving sensibilities. It also boosts your productivity, creativity, and mood when you’re working. Finally, plants may improve the air quality. So, if you’re looking to turn over a new leaf, our plant delivery service helps bring relief.

Plant Delivery That Makes Them Green With Envy

If our recently added collection has inspired you to find your perfect match for plant delivery, then it’s mission accomplished. Rest assured, Lively Root’s commitment to #1 customer service doesn’t end with shipping fresh from our nursery to your door (although we’re experts at that too). A large part of our story is sharing our experience to help you to grow your own green space in life. We look forward to providing hands-on personal attention after plant delivery if you need us.