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NEW Plants To Learn To Love: Questions & Answers

Discover something special

Just when you think you've seen it all, our new plants for delivery show up to prove you wrong. We love discovering and showcasing plants that are still under the radar, and if you stay up to date with our recently added page, you'll be the first to see them. Make your green-thumbed friends jealous with our featured houseplants. Look out for quirky shrubs like the Aralia ming stump, unique trees like the ponytail palm and beautiful flowering succulents like the kalanchoe. The selection on this page is ever-changing, so keep checking back.

Our recently added section is packed with seasonal beauties

Plants are seasonal, so we get different varieties depending on the time of year. Check our recently added page every few weeks to find out what's currently in bloom. Of course, once they're in your home they'll survive throughout the year. The only time you have to think about seasonality is when you're picking up some patio plants. Always check their hardiness level before you commit, and keep them in a pot so you can bring them inside during frosty weather.

Find new plants for delivery to suit every space

Low or bright light, large or small — our recently added plant selection has all the bases covered. Most of the plants we stock are easy care, so you don't have to be intimidated by vibrant flowers or colorful foliage. We do sometimes get our hands on exclusive plants that need a bit more attention. These medium care plants make a fantastic gift for green-thumbed folk. Treat them to an obscure varietal that they've never heard of, or appeal to their taste with an Insta-famous potted plant.

When they're gone, they're gone

Many of our quirkier plants are low stock, so if you do fall in love with something on our recently added page, we recommend snapping it up before someone else does. We don't want you to miss out on finding the plant of your dreams, but if the one you want is out of stock, check out our collections page to find something similar.