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St. Louis Plant Delivery

  • English Ivy Glacier

    English Ivy Glacier

    From $38.00
  • 21%
    Clover Leaf Ivy

    Clover Leaf Ivy

    $30.00 $38.00
  • French Thyme

    French Thyme

    Pet Friendly
  • Chicagoland Blues™ Chaste Tree

    Chicagoland Blues™ Chaste Tree

    Pet Friendly
  • Pepper Yum Yum Mix

    Pepper Yum Yum Mix

  • Companion Wild Flowers for Beneficial Bugs

    Companion Wild Flowers for Beneficial Bugs

  • Monarch Rose Milkweed

    Monarch Rose Milkweed

  • Berggarten Sage

    Berggarten Sage

    Pet Friendly
  • Ornamental Onion

    Ornamental Onion

    From $50.00
  • Gaillardia Premier Orange

    Gaillardia Premier Orange

  • Tomato Oregon Spring

    Tomato Oregon Spring


Plant Delivery St. Louis, MO

Lively Root St. Louis live plant delivery knows that house plants bring exceptional beauty and many health benefits, including purifying the air. Add a dimension to your home or workplace with the indoor plants and outdoor plants like the Nematanthus Black Goldfish Plant, an exotic and exciting plant with orange-colored pouch flowers that resemble goldfish. This fabulous mix of culture and texture will constantly be a bright spot in your day. We’re also big fans of the ZZ Plant, an easy to care for variety to create a designer look with its glossy dark green leaves. Best of all, it’s a powerful natural air purifier.

Best Plant Delivery St. Louis

At Lively Root, we’ve long preached that everyone deserves a plant. It is why we make it our mission to share over a century of combined expertise to carefully curate the highest quality live plants for sale with St. Louis live plant delivery service. Rest assured that after you’ve chosen the plants that fill your needs, Lively Root takes the guesswork out of everything else. We currently ship to 48 states within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Standard delivery within 4-7 business days is free. If you need your plants sooner, we also provide Expedited (2-3 business days) or Rush (1-2 business days) delivery at an extra cost.