• Red Banana Tree in 5-gallon varies grower planter

Red Banana Tree

Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii'

Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter

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  • Pet Warning:Toxic To Ingest

  • Care Level:Plays Hard to Get

  • Approximate Size: 6" to 8" W 10" to 14" H

The Ensete (Red Banana Tree) grow in a spiral from the short central stem and resemble banana leaves, except they have beautiful reddish leaves with a robust red midrib. The more sunlight they receive, the richer in color they display in the summer months. Keep them in frost-free climates above 50°F. They do best when overwintered as an indoor plant or in a greenhouse. They enjoy a moderately dry climate with low humidity.

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Red Banana Tree
Red Banana Tree
About Red Banana Tree

In Thai folklore, the banana trees have a young female avenging spirit, Lady Tani, that floats around them. She appears on a full moon in traditional Thai clothing to the man who has mistreated her. In the wild, these trees display beautiful, vibrant flowers, symbolizing her beauty. Their leaves are considered to have magical powers for fertility and childbirth.

Care Level: Plays Hard to Get

Easy for beginners and a great starter plant!

Pet Friendly: Warning

Toxic to pets if ingested.

Origins: Native to Asia and Africa.

Native to Asia and Africa.

Fun Facts: Ensete, also know...

Ensete, also known as enset, is an important food crop in Ethiopia, and an ornamental plant enjoyed in landscapes around the world. Though the bananas they produce are not edible, Ensete plants do produce food in the form of a starchy corm (underground storage organ) and a starchy stem base. When sun and good moisture are provided, they will give you a show to remember, especially if you are not from the tropics, as most would not expect such a large tropical specimen to be growing in your yard. But this is very doable if you store the plant appropriately over the winter and revive them to be planted again each year.

Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' Care Guide

Red Banana Tree

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