How to Flush Water a Plant

Written By: Lively Root

How to Flush Water a Plant

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What does Flush Watering a plant mean?

Flush watering a plant is the process of soaking the soil multiple times, allowing it to completely drain between soaks. What this process does is remove excess mineral and salt build-up caused by tap-water and fertilizer. It's important to flush water your plants every couple of months to keep them clean and healthy.

Step 1

Take your plant someplace it will be able to drain, like a sink, a bathtub, or someplace outside.

Step 2

Slowly pour water onto the soil. Keep pouring water until it begins to flow freely from the bottom of the pot. Wait a few minutes and repeat this step a few more times.

Step 3

Allow the pot to sit for a few hours so that all of the water is allowed to flow through. It is recommended that you set a drip tray under the plant to collect any excess water for the next day or two, as water will continue to seep out. The excess water should be emptied periodically to avoid water build-up and soggy roots.

Repeat this process every few months to keep your plants happy and your green space extra green.