Baby In Bloom Shower Gifts

By: Lively Root
January 20, 2023
Baby In Bloom Shower Gifts
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Baby showers are an occasion to celebrate the excitement of welcoming the newest addition to the family! Celebrate and shower the mom-to-be with loving baby shower gifts of fresh plants this year. What better way to mark the lucky baby’s arrival than gifting lush plants as a symbol of a happy life and healthy development? Skip the boring diapers and bottles this time and help the soon-to-be mama create a unique nursery filled with a natural, soft, and relaxing ambiance from houseplants. They are a fantastic way to brighten the nursery by bringing calming health benefits from purer air, reducing stress levels, and helping to eliminate harmful toxins from the air. What new parent wouldn’t love a little help in this department?

There’s something special about bringing the outdoors to make any nursery feel like a breath of fresh air. As plants grow alongside a baby, it can bring joy to the parents to see how much their little ones have grown over a short time. Plants are like children in that they grow up so fast! For years your baby shower gift will remind the mom and dad of your thoughtful gift that simply can’t be outgrown! A living plant is a unique way to celebrate a lifetime of growth, strength, and character. Plants are indeed a gift that just keeps giving.

So what are the best plants for a nursery? We’ve curated a list of twelve baby shower gift ideas that are safe for little ones, even furry babies. Our curated list kept a few things in mind to keep the babies and the soon-to-be toddlers safe and sound and help them feel their best. We considered choosing plants with soft and round edges to avoid pokes and pricks and non-toxic plants to keep the wee ones safe once they are on the move.

Money Tree

It’s never too early to teach your little ones that money simply doesn’t just grow on trees - not even this one. Hopefully, this one can bring the new parents good luck and fortune wherever newly found parenthood takes them (we all know they’re gonna need it). The great thing about money trees is that they are super easy to care for, even when the parents’ hands are full of newborn duties. This plant will bounce back even if they are forgotten about for a little while. Not only are they easy to take care of, but they will provide purifying air qualities to the nursery. Talk about a win, win baby shower gift.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Decorating a little one’s nursery is a crucial part of the “nesting” phase, and what could be more nest appropriate than the Bird’s Nest Fern? The bird’s nest fern will brighten up any nursery with its vibrant-green colors like a Granny Smith apple. The lively, flowy, and curly stems will fill the baby’s nursery with joy and laughter, making it the baby’s first “best fern.” This playful plant is a slow grower that likes to be placed up high to get bright indirect natural light. They can make a great addition to place on the nursery bookshelf! Even better yet, this little guy can offer some allergy relief with air filtering abilities and can increase humidity levels; low humidity levels are associated with an increase in allergies. All these attributes from the bird’s nest fern make it a perfect baby shower gift for the soon-to-be mom building her baby’s nest.

Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm

This is a palm with personality! The Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm is perfect for a palm beach-inspired nursery. With this plant, this nursery can take the family to a tropical paradise every day. The bold leaves will whisk the nursery into a tropical oasis, and the baby will genuinely have a comfortable life! This plant is highly resilient and is the perfect piece of decor for filling any space that needs a little personality. Creating a tropical moment with the Bella Palm can take parenting to a whole new level of some variation of relaxation, well, hopefully. On the brighter side, the parents will not have to worry about their little ones or furry friends getting to this plant because it is not toxic. Whew, there’s one less thing to worry about for them! The Bella Palm is a great baby shower gift idea for parents looking to blur the lines of a tropical getaway and nursery in one.

Variegated Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia)

Unlike human babies, this plant baby is easy to take care of. This easy-peasy and super cute plant is a pet and kid-friendly plant that can make an excellent addition to any nursery. There’s nothing like the sight of this plant’s lovely creamy white edges and olive-green center variations. The refreshing green nature will lighten the little one’s nest for a tremendous positive impact on their future development. Talk about an inspiring baby shower favor. This little baby is an easy-caring plant and is an excellent addition to a nursery that can handle lower light and forgetful watering for busy parents. This rubber plant has no scent; however, peperomias do a great job clearing the air of undesirable substances. What’s not to love about this baby?

Cutie Little Baby Succulents: 16 Pack

Congratulate the mama on her new sprout with these cute little baby succulents. Succulents make such an adorable baby shower gift. They are highly resistant and long-lasting plants that will give the family a succulent garden to grow in their own backyard. Succulents are the gift that just keeps giving with their offshoots of new plant babies to pass along! These little guys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from purple to green. There’s one for everyone to love. Did we also mention that we have a plushy stuffed succulent for little ones? The Paw-fect Plant Plush makes learning about plant care fun at any age! Whether succulents come squishy, soft, or not they will make a perfect baby shower gift to grow alongside the little ones.

Variegated Spider Plant Reverse

Don’t let the name scare you away from this fun little guy! The name comes from the grassy spider-like leaves that resemble a spider’s body. This long-stemmed houseplant is easy to care for and one of the best air-purifying plants, filtering up to ninety percent of harmful pollutants. A safer environment can help any mom live a less stressful life knowing her little one’s background is safe and sound with this baby shower gift. The best thing about spider plants is that their low maintenance makes it almost impossible for this little plant to perish. They won’t mind if they become neglected (which is excellent for busy new parents). Spider plants are easy to care for hanging plants that look great in macrame hangers that can cascade down, giving the nursery a lush jungle feel. What’s even better about this guy is that as it grows, it will produce beautiful white star-like flowers that provide a little extra flare to the nursery. As spider plants mature, new sprouting spiderettes can be re-potted and placed in other rooms around the home. They really are the baby shower gift that keeps on giving.

Maranta Prayer Plant

This colorful and bold plant gets its nickname from its leaves folding up at night, resembling hands folded in prayer. The leaves of this plant follow their internal clock, exemplified by a daily rhythm. The baby-to-be may learn to follow this plant’s lead by “sleeping” through the night. Prayer plants like to grow in low, medium, or bright indirect sunlight and require a little extra love to care for. Like a newborn, these plants need extra care to flourish, such as using filtered, bottled water to keep them hydrated. Taking care of both plant babies and babies simultaneously will be an adventure for the new parents to embark on together, making it a fun baby shower gift.

Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea welcomes a splash of color in any nursery. Their oodles of pattern variety in their broad foliage will fit right into any style or theme. This little guy likes to play the camouflage game by folding his leaves upward at night to bare his green leaf underneath like he’s playing hide and seek. His movement will have the soon-to-be toddler amazed and curious about plants! These plants are playful, offer excellent respiratory benefits, and help trap dust on their large waxy foliage, giving the mom peace of mind that her baby is safe and healthy with this helpful baby shower gift.

Plant Picks For A Purpose: #1 Plant Mom

Want to show the mama-to-be a little extra encouragement and love? This Plant Pick for a Purpose can help transform any plant into the perfect little reminder. They will be reminded that you will always be rooting for them through their next chapter of motherhood. Being a mom can sometimes be overwhelming, and reading these encouraging words can help motivate moms to keep doing their best!

We proudly offer these 1.25” ceramic message sticks in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Purchasing this eco-friendly plant pick as a baby shower gift will help build greener spaces on their tabletop in their nursery and across our extraordinary planet for future generations. Adding a little extra flare and words of encouragement to the plant baby shower gift will go a long way.

Sunflower Seed Grow Kit

Here’s a little something to let love grow. Let the mom grow a little ray of sunshine with this sunflower seed grow kit. Seed grow kits are an excellent way for moms to commemorate their baby shower and the growth of their baby-to-be. They are the perfect eco-friendly seeds that need nurturing to blossom safely and soundly. Soon the mama-to-be will have a bundle of joy and beautiful sunflowers with this thoughtful baby shower gift. Amongst the easiest flowers to cultivate from seed, sunflowers are especially exciting as a child’s first gardening experience. They are the closest to planting pure happiness, positivity, and sunshine!