How Many Plants Does it Take Per Room to Reduce Stress?

By: Hannah McWhorter
June 30, 2022
How Many Plants Does it Take Per Room to Reduce Stress?
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We already know that going out in nature is a great way to boost our mental health, but did you know that bringing that green power inside can also have de-stressing benefits? Studies have shown that interacting with plants and gardening can lead to a decrease in cortisol, the primary stress hormone in our bodies. Multiple other studies have found that our physiological and psychological stress is reduced every time we interact with plants. There even is a practice called Horticultural Therapy that has been used to help those with PTSD and trauma!


Now that we know plants can change our day-to-day stress, what does it take to experience these mental health benefits fully? Better Homes and Gardens took a look at studies by Plant Life Balance and RMIT University in Melbourne to look at precisely what the ideal circumstances were for the best resulting "well-being." They studied exactly how many plants each room should have for the ultimate results, and they found that:


In a close to 10ft x10ft room:

  • One plant increases mental well-being by 45%

  • Two plants increase mental well-being by 50%

  • Five plants give maximum benefits


In a 13ft x 16.5ft room, such as a Master Bedroom or Living Room:

  • One plant helps a little

  • Five plants increase your mental well-being by 60%

  • Ten plants give maximum benefits


In a much larger 26ft x 26ft room:

  • 16 plants increase mental well-being by 60%

  • 32 plants give maximum benefits


Note that size also plays a role, with all of these study numbers being based on medium-sized plants. Larger plants will contribute closer to 1.5x the benefit, while smaller plants will provide about 1/3 of the benefit!



A great way to get started is to begin by adding plants to the places you spend the most time. Home offices are a great place to start, helping you be creative and keep those stress levels down during a long work day. Add low-maintenance plants to the corner of your desk to bring some joy to your day, or even add a shelf above your working space for new plant friends! 


Want to jumpstart a jungle for your room? Use our Jungle Calculator to determine the right size of plants for your space. We take into account whether or not you need pet-friendly plants and what room you want to junglify, then we put together a pack of plants at a discount and ship them to your door to get your collection started! The collections include:


  • Tiny Jungle - 2 Small & 2 Medium plants

  • Urban Jungle - 2 Small & 2 Medium & 2 Extra Large plants

  • The Amazon - 4 Small & 4 Medium & 2 Extra Large plants

  • I'm In The Jungle Book - 4 Small & 4 Medium & 4 Extra Large plants



If you feel you are in mental distress or are overwhelmed by your mental health, please reach out immediately to the National Mental Health Hotline at 866-903-3787. Plants are a great way to help destress and cope with some mental health symptoms but are not a substitute for professional care!