Which Plant Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

By: Lively Root
December 17, 2020
Which Plant Represents Your Zodiac Sign?
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Not sure what plant to get for a friend (or even yourself)?

Well, now you can use astrology to determine which plant you should get. We've compiled a list of the best plants for you or your loved ones based on your star sign.

If you’re having a hard time picking your next plant baby, look no further than the stars and your Zodiac plant!

SHOP Capricorn - Dracaena
Like the mountain goat, the dracaena can scale great heights. Ambitious and stubborn, this plant is great for beginners because it’s tough. Just like Capricorn, optimism blooms if treated right this plant will grow beautiful flowers.

SHOP Aquarius - Elephant Ear
Symbolized by the water bearer, The Aquarius brings new. They are free-spirited, humanitarian and at times eccentric. Much like our water loving Aquarius, the Elephant Ear Zodiac plant also loves water. This basking beauty will sweat droplets of moisture at the tip of its leaves. Restores balance to their nutrient and water content. You can also propagate the leaves to create new life.

SHOP Pisces - Peacock plant
The most empathetic and compassionate sign has met its plant match. Pisces are kind, gentle and spiritual just like this prayer plant. Named for the way they lift and lower their leaves throughout the day, as if they are worshipping.

SHOP Aries: ZZ Plant
This fire sign is bold, ambitious and resilient. Strong with a cheerful disposition - Much like our ZZ Zodiac plant, being nearly impossible to kill. The ZZ plant is extremely low-maintenance and self-sufficient. It can even grow small white flowers at the base of the plant.

SHOP Taurus - Money Tree

Ruled by love, beauty and money. The Taurus, or bull, is the symbol of wall street. What better plant than our Money Tree which brings good fortune and prosperity. Both resilient and easily rebound from neglect.


SHOP Gemini - String of Pearls
As social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini’s are always juggling many different things. Their plant match is this unique succulent. The String Of Pearls holds everyone’s secrets in her hair. Each pearl has a clear strip that acts as a light into the leaf to harness more energy for photosynthesis.

SHOP Cancer - Swiss Cheese Plant
Split leaf philodendron aka Monstera aka Swiss Cheese plant. Much like the crab who balances between sea and land. Cancers make excellent party hosts but also enjoy to create cozy spaces they call their sanctuaries. The Monstera is fun, tropical, and likes to spread out and take it’s space to get cozy. It is easy-going, great for keeping the air in your space clean. And enjoys a few drinks (of water that is).
SHOP Leo - Guzmania Bromeliad
Adding intrigue, color and beauty to your green space the Guzmania Bromeliad is just like the Leo- a showstopper of a Zodiac plant. This flower is much like the vivacious and theatrical Leo who likes to be center stage.
SHOP Virgo - Maidenhair Fern
The Goddess of wheat and agriculture, Virgos are notoriously kind, gentle and supportive. Just like the Maidenhair Fern with it’s lush but delicate and purifying leaves.
SHOP Libra - Peace Lily
Fixated on balance and harmony, Libras are the peacekeepers of the zodiac universe. Similarly, Peace Lilies are known as a representative of peace. With the striking white flowers symbolizing white flags and its air purifying abilities.
SHOP Scorpio - Snake Plant
Both striking and powerful. The snake plant is the Hollywood plant commonly used in many films and TV shows. These Zodiac plants are beautiful AND tough. Just like you Scorpio.

SHOP Sagittarius - Golden Pothos
Just like the Sagitarius, these babies have some stories to tell. They live so long they have been nicknamed “Devil’s Ivy”. These adventurous little plants have even traveled to space, as NASA’s recommended plants for air purification.