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Baby Shower Plants: Questions & Answers

A Fresh Twist On Baby Shower Gifts

Who can blame family and friends for getting excited when there’s a baby on the way? A baby shower is a traditional way to celebrate this joyous occasion by “showering” the expectant parents with best wishes and baby shower gifts they need to take care of the baby. Although baby showers are a relatively modern invention, the loved ones and communities of new parents have offered emotional support and even some ancient form of baby shower present since time immemorial. If you’re completely clueless about baby shower gift ideas, this one-of-a-kind collection’s plants are always practical and thoughtful baby shower gifts. They’re not only delightful to look at, but they also have plenty of health benefits that recipients enjoy for many years to come.

The plants in this Baby Shower gifts collection make the best gifts because they never get lost in the crowd when welcoming the new baby. We at Lively Root know there’s no better way to congratulate proud expectant parents than with a Peacock Plant. Your receivers are certain to pick up the symbolism and appreciate your creativity. They’ll enjoy this standout species’ showy splash of colors and endlessly fresh and inviting comforts. Another great baby shower gift that will be most memorable and much appreciated is a Chinese Money Plant. Not only is it green and gorgeous, but it will also bring plenty of good fortune, which has made it a popular plant choice for Feng Shui. Best of all, it’s just as well-known for being easy to care for and fun to grow.

For baby shower gifts that are thoughtful to give and a pleasure to receive, we at Lively Root are confident that your recipients will treasure plants for a lifetime. When you want a lovely way to convey your love, plants show that you put thought and heart into your baby shower gift. As the adage says: “It’s the thought that counts.” From their natural beauty to their symbolism to their many positive benefits, plants are indeed the gift that keeps on giving and growing. Lively Root has made it our mission to inspire families and communities to create and enjoy green spaces. There’s no better way to welcome a new baby than gifting a plant baby from our nursery to their door today!