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Earth Day Plants: Questions & Answers

Earth Day And Gifting Plants Are A Perfect Match


Earth Day is celebrated every April 22 to commemorate the first Earth Day held on April 22, 1970, and show support for the ongoing efforts to protect the environment. Earth Day celebrations include any tradition that raises awareness about ecological issues and supports initiatives, particularly on the day. No matter where you are, you can still do something to show the environment matters and give something back to the planet. It includes walking to work, recycling at home, and shopping for sustainable products, among other things. Of course, at Lively Root, our favorite is giving friends, family, and folks in the community plants as Earth Day gifts.

Plants Are A Breath Of Fresh Air


While planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, not everybody can. However, everyone can give a plant that will be a beautiful sight wherever it's placed and clean indoor air. For example, the Westringia' Blue Gem' Coastal Rosemary brings elegance into any decor. It works hard as well by eliminating toxins in the air. Best of all, it's a low-maintenance plant that's a pleasure to own. For a grand gesture of your uncompromising commitment to the environment this Earth Day, we recommend the Quarterly Easy Care Plant Subscription that's perfect for beginners that expert plant lovers will enjoy too.

Plants Are Good For Us And for The Planet


Because our mission at Lively Root is to inspire everyone to cultivate their own lush corner of life, we provide not only eco-friendly products but all the information you need to develop your love of horticulture on Earth Day and beyond. Our planet's ability to sustain life is what makes us one of a kind among other worlds. Nothing else is as decorative or functional as plants with the numerous ways they support life on Earth. Giving loved ones plants to honor Earth Day provides a reminder and all the associated health benefits.

Giving Plants Has Never Been Easier


Are you inspired to send plants as gifts to share your love of nature and concern for the planet this Earth Day? Not only does Lively Root have everything you need all under one roof, but we also ship from our nursery right to your recipients' door anywhere in the continental United States just in time to celebrate Earth Day.