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Los Angeles Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Los Angeles, CA

If you need top-notch Los Angeles live plant delivery to bring all the health benefits that house plants provide, look no further than Lively Root to share our much sought-after expertise. We’ll inspire you to choose the ideal indoor plants and outdoor plants to complement the healthy lifestyles the world envies Southern California residents for. We suggest the low humidity, low water plants in the Jungle Starter Plant Collection. These four easy-to-care plants are the recommended way to grow your green space instantly minus the effort. We also highly recommend the Motley Crew Echeveria Succulents: 4 Pack for colorful and fast-growing plant companions you can enjoy year-round, especially in Los Angeles’ perfect climate.

Best Plant Delivery Los Angeles

Because we believe everyone deserves home plants, Lively Root’s Los Angeles live plant delivery service is the fastest and most reliable way to get your live plant for sale from our nursery to your door. Best of all, we ship within 4-7 business days and even quicker with expedited or rush delivery. We currently ship to 48 states within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Lively Root commits to using only sustainable packaging that’s good for you and for the planet!