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Plants Gifts for Boss: Questions & Answers

Plants Are Unlike All Other Gifts On National Boss Day


Celebrated every year on October 16 (or the closest workday), National Boss Day allows you to show your appreciation to the person who keeps you productively employed. Do you want to thank them for cultivating a positive workplace that helps you advance your career and grow as a person? There's no more thoughtful thank you gift for boss that captures the true meaning of National Boss Day than plants. More and more scientific studies show that the gift of natures best can positively impact the workplace beyond its aesthetics. Pants are a perfect boss appreciation gift that keeps on giving.

Plants Have You Covered From A To Z


Plants are a sure conversation opener with your boss on National Boss Day because not only are they an attractive addition to their office, they're packed with many physical and psychological benefits. For instance, the Jungle Starter Plant Collection is a low-maintenance way to inspire their love of horticulture with a best-of-breed collection instantly. Wherever they place it, these plants will work hard to keep the indoor air clean and decrease the noise levels for National Boss Day and beyond. Meanwhile, the Pygmy Date Palm emanates a relaxing vibe that's as practical as it is fun. This easy-to-grow cutie is outstanding at reducing stress levels in work environments.

A Happier And Healthier Office Thanks To Plants


When you want National Boss Appreciation Day ideas that give something back to the workplace, plants as a present for National Boss Day are a dream realized. Because green spaces are the cornerstone of a happier and more productive office, plants are the perfect gift to make a powerful statement on National Boss Day. At Lively Root, we're passionate about the aesthetic and limitless health and environmental benefits offered by plants. We've made it our mission to inspire and connect through greener spaces.

You're Our #1 Priority Along With Plants


If we've inspired you to consider National Boss Day in a whole new way, it's time to send your boss the gift of plants. We ship everywhere in the continental United States. Rest assured that Lively Root gets them from our nursery directly to your recipient's door conveniently and trouble-free, just in time for National Boss Day.