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Magenta Miniature Rose

Rosa chinensis minima

Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter
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  • Pet Safe:Yes

Magenta Miniature Rose (Rosa chinensis minima) has a delicate fragrance and blooms in flushes during the growing season. The bloom size is about 1 1/2 inches wide with varying purple and lavender petals. She will put on a love feast for all the pollinators between late April and September, so get your cameras ready! The green foliage makes a nice collar effect to the double-flowered cultivar we call Rosie! Expect her to top out at 12-18 inches tall.

*Our blooms vary and may not arrive as they are pictured. We ship our plants still in buds, so you can enjoy a fresh bloom in your home.*

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Magenta Miniature Rose
Magenta Miniature Rose
About Magenta Miniature Rose

These popular universal flowers come in many varieties, from mini's to climbing roses. The colors of a rose symbolize meanings that you may want to invoke on your loved one. Pink blooms nod to elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and womanhood. Lighter and darker hues covey more meanings, such as the purple roses convey gratitude and honor, making an appropriate 'thank you' gift! Use these in a window box or patio container garden where full sun (6-8 hours) is abundant!

Care Level:

Easy for beginners

Pet Friendly: Yes

This plant doesn't cause poisoning beyond gastrointestinal upset but the thorns can be painful to the mouth and paws.

Origins: China


Fun Facts: Roses have been i...

Roses have been in cultivation since the Han Dynasty in 141-87 BC and were a part of the Imperial Palaces. The aristocrats cultivated Miniature Roses in containers in England and France in the 1800s. Then, they were thought to be houseplants only with no outdoor cultivation. They lost their popularity at the turn of the century until Colonel Roulett discovered it again in an Alpine village growing in a window box for over 100 years. He passed the specimen to a Swiss nurseryman, Henri Correvon, to cultivate and named the flower Roulettii! Eventually, horticulturists in Pennsylvania were growing them from Europe.

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Magenta Miniature Rose

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