11 New Years Resolutions With Air Purifying Plants!

By: Debbie Neese
January 3, 2022
11 New Years Resolutions With Air Purifying Plants!
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A new year is always a great time to reflect on old habits, reaccess, and jump-start new ones! This year we are syncing some of the top resolutions with our plants! So this will be amusing and an extra twist to the typical routine to make them inclusive with your plant babies too! Are you ready? Let's go! 

Focus on your relationships! 

Our Black Leaf Dragon Collection is an example of togetherness. There are four different Dracaena's in the pot, making for a cozy relationship between brothers! The plus is that they all need the same care and are low maintenance! They give back to the plant mom/dad relationship by being in the top ten NASA list of air-purifying plants too! 

Our pollinator plants collect a crowd of spectators and are necessary for environmental relationships! Rosemary, Mandevilla, Dianthus, Milkweed, Star Jasmine, and Gardenia all have that magnetism to pull in the pollinators. Their symbiotic relationship plays a part in the ecosystem by carrying pollen and transferring this genetic material critical to the reproduction of plants. In addition, pollinating plants help prevent soil erosion and capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, hence reducing global climate change! 

We're all 'holding hands' on this planet by the relationships we cultivate between plants, ourselves, and the environment! Build those relationships with Lively Root plants! 

Find a hobby or learn a new skill! 

Now's the time if you've not gotten into the plant craze. We have so much to offer in the way of education through our YouTube channel as well as our blogs and social media appearances! And we send a plant care card with each plant to help you kick-start your success! Our customer service team is available to take your questions and advise on what may be troubling your plant or how to care for it if you're unsure! Reach out to us at support@livelyroot.com with your questions, and if you have a specific issue, please provide a picture of the plant! 

Make time for meditation!

We know that meditation can create a profound state of relaxation and a peaceful mind. During meditation, you concentrate and block the voices that may hamper your sanity and provoke stress. This method may boost physical and emotional well-being. To coincide with meditation, we know that, according to studies, plants can help you feel more at peace and sharpen your attention! 

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Similarly, we have just the plant for you! The Calathea often referred to as the 'Prayer Plant' because of its unusual strategic ability, moves its leaves up at night and down during the day. The best part is that both sides are quite lovely to behold. This movement is called their circadian rhythm. The water pressure in their inflated nodes at the base of the leaf change produces this movement in coordination with the sun's movement to maximize light on their leaves for photosynthesis. Its up and down motion appears to be praying hands that form in the evening as the leaves lift upward.  

Read a good book!

Where is your reading place where you nestle down with your preferred drink and get caught up on the next bestseller and riveting page-turner? Sit a plant on the bookshelf or the bedside table next to you. Then, as you read, breathe in the clean air they exchange! 


Our favorite snake plants are easy to care for and stand to attention while you're in the room. Some even have a rosette leaf shape that appears to be basket-like. They are similar to succulents because they don't need much water or humidity. Give them bright, indirect light (the kind you enjoy reading by), and they'll be your reading buddy! 

Practice daily positive affirmation and gratitude!

Split leaf philodendron reminds us of gigantic hands clapping for your success! Besides, they symbolize honor, ambition, endurance, so more reason to get your positive vibes tuned in! 

 A peaceful state of mind is created after moving through a litany of affirmations and grateful thoughts, which brings us to the Peace lily. Her white calming spathes are like flags on the stem and have been used for broken relationships as a 'peace treaty' symbol like waving a white flag of surrender! We like the uptick meaning of creating a 'calm' for the plant owner! 

Drink more water!

How many ounces of H2O have you had today? According to WebMD, we should drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water daily for each pound we weigh. Gulp!


A plant that needs to keep up with its moisture levels is the Alocasia Polly! She loves to be fully hydrated and can even be seen in water gardens! Keep her soil consistently moist with lots of humidity around her leaves too! 

Exercise more - Breathe deep! 

Exercise and clean air go together hence why plants are so vital around us to filter the air of toxins and do the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen! Some of our NASA clean air plant list favorites are Boston Fern, Pygmy Date Palm, Janet Craig Dracaena, Rubber Plants, and English Ivy! You've heard of 'take your kid to work day,' well we think there should be a 'take your plant to exercise day!' Keep them around to breathe deep and clean the air around you!

Add to my savings/retirement account!

Saving for a special day, vaca, or your retirement accounts is a motivation for 'slow and steady' to make the numbers grow. If you don't have a 'Daddy Warbucks' close by, consider adding one of these plants to the family. However, feng shui denotes having a Money Tree around, or a Chinese Money Plant may aid in bulking up the bank account! Place your plants in the southeast corner of the home where your 'money area' is to enhance the feng shui principles for prosperity. 

Focus on personal development!

Personal development and growth enrich our lives, and we become better people when we're continually growing, reevaluating, and developing ourselves to a better version!


We think vines like Golden Pothos, Philodendron, and Ivy can jump-start your next season of growth too. Additionally, use them as a reminder that change comes with time and perseverance. Sometimes you may have to trim and prune to get a better version of the plant and yourself! 

Making room for a new you in the mirror can be a little scary, but in the end, the new you is 'reinvented!' This is much like the Bromeliad does when she fades and new pups appear by self-propagation. As the new pups grow, the mother plant begins to fade and can be discarded. Each plant then grows and flowers once and starts the process again by self-propagating. What a colorful, creative way to mark the beginning of your new goals and growth!

Add a Spa Day to the Calendar!

Everyone needs a little relaxation and a spa day is a way to get the kinks out of our neck and time to hydrate and rejuvenate! Even if it's in your own 'spa bathe,' draw that tub of hot sudsy water and breathe in the steam! 


Your ferns, calathea, and crotons will want to come along too! Their happy place is a bit of humidity in the air as well! Give them a humidifier as a gift for the season to keep them feeling 'at home' in their environment. Their leaves will avoid getting brown tips and edges this way too! 

Spend more time in nature!

Whether you like to camp or hike through a forest, getting out in nature can rejuvenate our senses and ground us! Listening to the sounds of nature, be it a river stream flowing over rocks or birds singing in the branches, the freshness of the outdoors is always a treat! 


Keep nature around you by bringing plants inside to create a 'green space!' Try our Giant Bird of Paradise or our Scheffelera Umbrella tree! The Giant Bird grows upwards of 6 feet tall indoors, and in zones 9-11, it can be grown outside, topping out at 30 ft. tall! The Schefflera Umbrella tree also makes an umbrella-like effect as it grows 3-10 ft. tall indoors! 

With all these resolutions, you'll be busy, and your plants will be helping you keep all of them with their symbolism and subtle reminders! So, may all your goals and resolutions be realized!