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New Year’s Gift Ideas Update Your New Year's Traditions


There's something so fitting about New Year's gifts for friends, whether they're given on the first day of the year or as a New Year's Eve gift. What better way to celebrate welcoming a new year with best wishes than New Year's presents that are an inspiring gift of hope and love? If you're looking for New Year's gift ideas to gift as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and wealth for your family and friends, nothing expresses the sentiment like plants. Plants as New Year's gift ideas give even your best New Year's traditions a much-needed update.


Plants Are A Fresh Perspective in Gifting


We at Lively Root appreciate that plants as New Year's gift ideas will outlast many New Year's resolutions. Confidently begin the new year with the Hawaiian Ti Plant. Since it's the "Good Luck Plant," it's naturally bound to bring in plenty of good luck. A surefire hit of our New Year Eve gift ideas, the Money Tree is our most famous Feng Shui plant, and for a good reason. This most brilliant of our New Year's gift ideas are always a welcome gift for bringing good luck and fortune wherever it goes, but it's easy to care for too.


There's No Other Gift Like Plants


We might be biased at Lively Root, but plants make the best New Year's gift ideas because they're one of the most unique gifts we've ever seen. When you gift plants to your loved ones on New Year's, you are giving them a living symbol of fresh starts and the best wishes that is genuinely a gift from the heart. Plants as New Year's gift ideas are also a gift that's at once decorative and practical, providing a bright spot every day for the new year and numerous psychological and physical health benefits that will keep them healthier and happier for years.


Gift Plants Right Now!


If our New Year's gift ideas move you, rest assured that Lively Root will ship your gift from our nursery to your receiver's door ASAP. We ship anywhere in the continental United States fresh and on time. We believe everyone deserves a plant and the best time is the brand new year.