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Blooms: Questions & Answers

A Timeless Gift

If you need a break from sending flowers that only survive a short time, our blooming plants for delivery have become a popular alternative for a good reason. Not only are our potted house plants a marvelous merger of aesthetics and functionality, but they're also bound to outlast the holiday and special occasion, making them a lasting reflection of your uncompromising good taste and practicality. Blooming plants for delivery aren't just a much-needed update on the best gift-giving tradition. They're literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Be A Trendsetter With Blooming Plants For Delivery

If you don't want to get lost in the crowd, our blooming plants for delivery will remind your gift recipient of the time and thought you put into their gift every time they look at it. Thanks to their incomparable uniqueness, beauty, and quality, our blooming plants collection highlights one-of-a-kind treasures that loved ones will treasure time and time again. Our top recommendations include the Guzmania Bromeliad Collection. Its brilliant colors are sure to be a bright spot in everyone's day, while the elegant Gardenia' Veitchii' welcomes with its warm glow and sweet fragrance. The good news is that our blooming plants for delivery are perfect for all occasions, locations and relatively easy to care for.

Blooming Plants Are Perfect For Everyone

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves a plant, even if they lack a green thumb. Lively Root has made it our mission to not only inspire you to choose the best-blooming plants for delivery to gift but to encourage your love of horticulture, whether you're a beginner or an old pro. Count on us to show you how to make filling and caring for your green space, not just a simple pleasure but an absolute convenience with our blooming plants for delivery.

Blooming Plants From Our Nursery To Your Door

Our blooming plants for delivery service makes giving plants a breeze. We eliminate the worry and the hassle by providing a genuine farm-to-table (or anywhere you want to put your plant) process that goes the distance everywhere in the continental US. Since we handle the entire operation from the top-down, we've got your blooming plants for delivery covered, from quality control to sustainable packaging to on-time shipments.