Indoor Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants Buying Guide

Step into the vibrant realm of flowering house plants with our Buying and Care Guide. These botanical wonders will add a burst of color to your living spaces and outdoor haven.

From hanging blooms to succulent varieties, flowering plants are the epitome of versatility, enhancing interior decors and transforming outdoor recreational areas. Embrace the joy of nurturing these blossoming companions, and let the beauty of nature flourish in every corner of your home. 

Take the Peace Lily, for example. It is known for its air-purifying properties as well as being a certified peace symbol. Alternatively, bring any type of Guzmania Bromeliads into your home. A single brilliant inflorescence bloom tops this pet-safe flowering plant: deep red, maroon, orange, pink, yellow, or a combination of these colors.

Indoor Flowering Plants Buying Guide

Learn About the Different Indoor Blooming Plants in Our Collection

Explore our collection's diverse world of flowering plants, featuring enchanting varieties like flowering cactus plants and flowering bromeliad plants. From the blooms' striking allure to each species' unique characteristics, discover the beauty that awaits in our curated selection. Our floral plants can bring a kaleidoscope of colors and forms to your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Flamingo Flower (Anthurium)

  • Characteristics:  Also known as Painters Palette, the Flamingo Flower is the perfect way to get your color fix. Their bold blooms change color through the year, from vivid scarlet to pretty pink and rich purple.
  • Requirements: Flamingo Flowers require medium to bright, indirect light and high humidity. Allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings—water with filtered or bottled water at room temperature. 
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: All parts of the plant are toxic. 

Evita Vriesea Bromeliad (Vriesea splendens)

  • Characteristics:  The Evita Vriesea Bromeliad shows off its sword-shaped flower spike emerging from fiery stems. It doesn't bloom until it’s 3-5 years old.  
  • Requirements: Vrieseas are very adaptable and will thrive in shaded areas and areas with bright, indirect sunlight. This flowering plant prefers moderate temperatures and a slightly moist growing medium.
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: Non-toxic

Amazonian Zebra Bromeliad (Aechmeas Bromeliad)

  • Characteristics: The Amazonian Zebra Plant grows 2-3 feet across and 1-3 feet tall. Its flower spike has red or orange bracts with tight red flowers. It has large dark green leaves with lighter yellow vertical stripes and white to silvery horizontal stripes.
  • Requirements: It requires moderate to bright, indirect light to thrive. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves—bromeliads like to be watered thoroughly but less frequently. Avoid wetting the cup of the plant as this could lead to rotting.
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Pet-friendliness: Non-toxic

Crimson Red Miniature Roses (Rosa chinensis minima)

  • Characteristics: The blooms are typically in a delicate red to pink color. Crimson Red Miniature Roses flower between late April and September. Deadhead the blooms to enjoy a succession of flowers. 
  • Requirements: This plant prefers 6-8 hours of bright light and medium humidity. Water it in the mornings and protect the leaves to prevent fungal issues. Keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Pet-friendliness: Non-toxic

From Buds to Blooms: A Guide to Choosing the Right Flowering Plant

Indoor Blooming Plants

To choose the perfect flowering indoor plants, consider your space's size and lighting conditions, your lifestyle, and the presence of furry friends in your household.

Interior Harmony and Size

Select from large, towering varieties for statement decor or petite blooms for tabletop elegance, aligning with your interior design. The Flamingo Plant is perfect for a small space, but if you want something bigger, The Bird of Paradise grows much taller. 

Lighting Conditions and Climate

Cater to your plant's needs by considering sunlight exposure, whether in a well-lit environment, a shaded corner, or an office setting.

Lifestyle and Skill Level

Tailor your choice to your lifestyle, opting for easy-care plant varieties for beginners or more intricate blooms for seasoned plant enthusiasts.

Pet-Friendly Selections

Explore our range of flowering indoor plants, ensuring a delightful addition to your space that's also safe for your furry friends. We’ve even got a Lucky Pet-Friendly Collection

Discover the perfect flowering companion that seamlessly aligns with your preferences, enhancing your interior and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Flowering Plants: Care & Maintenance Guide

Flowering Plants

Enhance your space with the vibrant allure of blossoms. General care applies, but the following tips highlight the nuances of nurturing tropical flowering plants for abundant blooms.

Care Tips

  • Sunshine elixir: Place your flowering plant in optimal light conditions. Different species may have varying light preferences; adjust accordingly.
  • Water wisely: Ensure well-draining soil and water when the top inch feels dry. Overwatering can lead to root rot, hindering flower production.
  • Feeding to flourish: Use a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to stimulate flower development. Tailor nutrients based on the specific needs of your flowering plant.
  • Prune for prolific blooms: Regularly remove spent blooms to encourage the plant to redirect energy into producing new flowers.
  • Repotting ritual: Repot when roots outgrow the container to promote better nutrient absorption and sustained blooming.

Common Challenges

  • No blooms: Evaluate light and nutrient levels, ensuring your plant receives adequate sunlight and the right fertilizer for flowering.
  • Overwatering woes: Prevent root rot by adjusting your watering frequency. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Insufficient light exposure: Place flowering house plants in well-lit areas to support robust flower production.
  • Pest patrol: Address insect infestations promptly, as pests can hinder the growth and health of flowering plants.

Bring Color Into Your Home With Live Flowering Plants for Sale

Elevate your surroundings with the captivating beauty of indoor flowering plants. Transform your home or office into a vibrant oasis reflecting nature's essence. These blossoms bring color and purify the air, uplift moods, and add a touch of natural elegance.

Discover the joy of blooms by crafting enchanting plant arrangements for every corner, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. Embrace the dual benefits of aesthetics and cleaner air with perennial flowering plants that effortlessly enhance your well-being. 

Whether it's a thoughtful plant gift or a personal indulgence, we offer a diverse range to suit every occasion. 

Choose your ideal flowering plant from Lively Root’s curated collection and let the enchanting world of blossoms invigorate your living space. 

Bring Nature Indoors Today With Exquisite Flowering Plants!