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Breath of Fresh Air: Questions & Answers

What is the best indoor plant to clean the air?

Looking to reduce toxins in your home and give yourself a breath of fresh air? It's often the toxins that you can't see that are the most harmful and these air cleaning plants will help you remove toxins and improve your air quality.

Here is a quick list of some of the best air purifying indoor plants using NASA's Clean Air Study that will make your home healthier and more lively:


How many plants do I need to purify air?

Although it is difficult to say exactly how many plants are needed to purify indoor air, It is recommended you have two medium or large-sized plants for every 100 square feet (approximately 9.3 square meters) of indoor space. The bigger the plant and leafier the plant, the better at improving your air quality.  

We have 2-3 plants in every room just to be safe but also because they look fantastic.

Can indoor plants improve air quality?

Studies from NASA prove that plant-filled rooms contain 50 to 60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacterias than rooms without plants. And a cleaner environment is just the start. According to NBC news, “indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood.”

Now that news is a breath of fresh air!