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Floor Plants

Floor Plants

Our floor plants are big, bold, and made to grab attention. They instantly compliment whichever space you put them in, whether you're looking for floor plants for your living room, bedroom or hallway. We've got lots of different species to choose from, so have a browse and find something to suit your aesthetic.

Floor Plants: Questions & Answers

Find the perfect floor plants for your living room

Breathe some life into your living room with our large plants. Start by considering how much light hits your room, especially in the spot where your plant is going. Our leafy friends only really need water, sunlight and nutrients to survive, so you want to make sure this is on point. Different plants thrive in different light levels. To figure out what the light is like in your living room, stand in the spot and check out your shadow. If it's crisp and defined, then you're in bright light, if it's a little fuzzy then it's medium light and if there's no shadow then it's a low light spot.

Spiked, round or wispy: choose your foliage

Part of choosing the right floor plant for your living room is working out what kind of foliage you prefer. Luckily, we've got a wide assortment. Our snake plants have wide sword-shaped leaves with variegated patterns in dark green and lemon yellow. This spiked shape has lots of bold energy — in feng shui, it's believed to bring protection. For something a little softer, check out our tropical trees like the pigmy date palm, with its gentle fronds that add a subtle tropical touch to your home. Another pleasant option to look out for is the rubber tree, which has wide and glossy leaves that bring a cheerful touch to your home.

Jump on the bandwagon with trendy floor plants for delivery

We do have some weird and wonderful floor house plants, which you can find on our recently added page. These include strange shrubs like the Aurelia ming stump, which grows leaves all the way up its stalk. Another oddball to look out for is the croton petra, with streaks of red, pink and yellow through its multicolored leaves. We also have classic favorites like the fiddle leaf fern, which has been all over the interior design blogs recently. Other popular picks include bountiful peace lilies for floral flair, ZZ plants and the air purifying golden pothos.