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National Garden Month: Questions & Answers

National Garden Month Gets A Fresh Perspective With Plants


April is National Garden Month because there's no better time to celebrate the long gardening tradition than the spring. There's no better way to introduce family, friends, and the folks in your community to the joys of planting and tending a plant of the month than by giving them as gifts to celebrate the occasion. If you're like most nature lovers, you've been dreaming through the winter for spring to arrive when your world is awash in supercharged colors and other delicious indulgences. Naturally, sharing this time-honored tradition with another generation by giving the plant of the month will make the experience infinitely more rewarding.

Giving Plants Are Like The Promise Of Spring


Lively Root believes that everyone deserves a plant of the month regardless of their plant expertise. Nothing could be easier than Everyone's Favorite Golden Pothos, literally a plant for all seasons with its easy-to-care-for sensibilities. They don't require much water, can withstand extreme conditions, and are nearly impossible to kill. They're a newbie's perfect companion. Meanwhile, plant enthusiasts are sure to fall in love with the Calathea Warscewiczii "Jungle Velvet." While it is absolutely a high-maintenance plant, the Jungle Velvet is the creme de la creme plant of the month. The name says it all!

Plants Are Beautiful And Much, Much More!


Giving the plant of the month isn't just about making your home look attractive. It's also about making you feel good inside. When you care for plants, you're on your way to a happier, healthier you. A plant of the month can decrease your stress levels, boost your productivity, clean indoor air, and improve your mood. Whether you're gardening or simply getting in touch with nature, plants have a considerable impact on your health and well-being.

An Unrivaled Selection For Plant Of The Month


Are you inspired to roll up your sleeves and share your love of plants with a plant of the month this springtime? Our mission at Lively Root is to help everyone develop their love of horticulture from the ground up. Not only do we provide the knowledge, but we provide eco-friendly products to make your own lush corner of life a reality. Ready to send everyone on your list a plant of the month? Let us help you!