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Tough, Hardy & Heroic Plants: Questions & Answers

Plants At Once Decorative And Practical

You already know that outdoor plants and indoor plants are a beautiful sight wherever you put them, but study after study (including NASA) shows their benefits are rooted deeper than good looks. From increasing happiness and productivity to purifying the air, plants should go everywhere people are, including workplaces and dorm rooms. Our tough, hardy & heroic plants
collection for plant delivery is a role filled with versatile and varied plants that are effortless to care for, adaptable to any setting, and more appreciably, extremely forgiving. These hand- selected plants for plant delivery go everywhere and do everything.

Heavy-Duty Plants With Lightweight Needs

Spending most of your day indoors need not leave you longing for nature, thanks to hardy home plants for plant delivery. Imagine what a conversation starter the Snakes and Spiders Bundle will be with its surefire greenery fix. They're the ideal starter set for establishing your green space anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. We're also great admirers of the Golden Pothos, which personifies tough, hardy & heroic plants for plant delivery. Not only is it virtually indestructible, but it can also withstand your neglect while providing its air-purifying benefits without complaint.

Best Selection For Plant Delivery

With our tough, hardy & heroic collection for plant delivery, you can stop worrying about where it will go. The beauty of our best of breed, easy to care for varieties is they adapt to any environment and adjust to fit your lifestyle perfectly. It's all a beginning indoor gardener could hope for while developing your green thumb. Meanwhile, plant veterans are bound to rediscover why gardening should be an exciting and uplifting activity, thanks to our fuss-free and most forgiving plants for plant delivery.

We Make The Practical Fun

Lively Root believes everyone deserves a plant. Our tough, hardy & heroic collection for plant delivery is living proof you can successfully grow a plant without natural talent or prior experience. No worries! You also don't need to worry about your plant delivery arriving on time and in excellent condition. We ship everywhere in the continental United States in true farm-to-table fashion. It means your plant ships from our loving nursery right to your doorstep, so it's at its best.