• Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' Featured Image
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' Featured Image
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium chai eco-planter planter
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium coconut eco-planter planter
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium macadamia eco-planter planter
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium light naturals-basket planter
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium earl-grey eco-planter planter
  • Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash' in medium varies grower planter

Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'

Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash'

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  • Pet Warning:Toxic To Ingest

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

Wax plant (Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash') will be your favorite indoor decor. She'll vie for wall space to display a vertical garden with her variegated silvery leaves. And when she blooms (in 6-8 hours of indirect bright light), you'll want to bottle the fragrance of her blooms that vary in color! Give her soil time to dry between waterings and provide extra humidity to the room where she hangs out. Expect her average growth to be 8-10 feet at maturity. She's a fast grower so give her space to spread her leaves!
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Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'
Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'
About Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'

You won't have to plant a handful of magic beans to reach the castle if you have Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash!' She'll keep you on the ground admiring her variegated silver splashed leaves. If she's in the right spot, she will grace you with fragrant baseball size flowers over time. Give her at least 6-8 hours of bright, indirect sun and high humidity to keep her showy. Let her soil dry between waterings and check her each week.

Care Level: I'm Easy

Easy for beginners

Pet Friendly: Warning

Safe for pets but keep out of reach.

Origins: Philippines


Fun Facts: You'll notice tha...

You'll notice that this Hoya pubicalyx is different than the Hoya carnosa. This Hoya has longer and thinner leaves. The 'Splash' varieties have silver-gray variegation. Carnosa's leaves are slightly wider, thicker, and shorter in length and can typically be solid green or show off some variegation too!

Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'

Great For People Who…

  • Great for people who are on the go and need low maintenance plants
  • Great for people who love flowering plants
  • Great for people who love to dance
  • Great for people who love to share plants with their friends
  • Great for people who like fun projects
Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for space with room for a grouping of plants
  • Great for spaces with bright indirect light
  • Great for spaces that have need lush decor
  • Great for spaces that need a pop of color

Hoya pubicalyx 'Splash' Care Guide

Hoya Pubicalyx 'Splash'


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